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Of or relating to East Anglia or to the Angles.
1. An Angle.
2. The Old English dialects of Mercia and Northumbria.


(Historical Terms) of or relating to the Angles or to the Anglian dialects of Old English
(Languages) the group of Old and Middle English dialects spoken in the Midlands and the north of England, divided into Mercian and Northumbrian. See also Kentish, West Saxon


(ˈæŋ gli ən)

1. the Northumbrian and Mercian dialects of Old English collectively.
2. of or pertaining to the Angles or Anglian.
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Noun1.Anglian - one of the major dialects of Old English
Old English, Anglo-Saxon - English prior to about 1100
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When the inevitable clash for supremacy came, the king of the then-dominant Anglian kingdom, Northumbria, made choice of the Roman as against the Irish Church, a choice which proved decisive for the entire island.
This was in the Northern, Anglian, kingdom of Northumbria (Yorkshire and Southern Scotland), which, as we have already said, had then won the political supremacy, and whose monasteries and capital city, York, thanks to the Irish missionaries, had become the chief centers of learning and culture in Western Christian Europe.
That heap of stones brings us at once to the dawn of the Anglian kingdom.
Now that Sir John Hawkwood hath gone with the East Anglian lads and the Nottingham woodmen into the service of the Marquis of Montferrat to fight against the Lord of Milan, there are but ten score of us left, yet I trust that I may be able to bring some back with me to fill the ranks of the White Company.
Inland the little wintry gardens faded into a confused grey copse; beyond that, in the distance, were long low barns of a lonely farmhouse, and beyond that nothing but the long East Anglian plains.
Anglian Water recycles the majority of Biosolids to farmland as a fertilizer under the brand name Nutribio.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 23, 2018-3i Infrastructure Closes Sale of Anglian Water Group Stake
NEWINN SHADOW was quickest of the SunBets East Anglian Derby hopefuls to trial over the competition 462m course before racing at Yarmouth on Saturday, writes Jonathan Kay.
ANGLIAN Water and Northumbrian Water have formed Wave, a joint venture company to sell water and wastewater services to non-domestic customers in Scotland and England.
ABB reports a sewage treatment works operated by Anglian Water has halved its aerator energy costs, reduced maintenance and cut ammonia to almost zero levels following the installation of an ABB variable-speed drive.
The activists also raised concerns about Anglian Water, who take over a public contract in March.
Meanwhile, their colleagues at the East Anglian Air Ambulance, also a charity, are taking Prince William on board.