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Noun1.Anglicisation - the act of anglicizing; making English in appearance
assimilation, absorption - the social process of absorbing one cultural group into harmony with another
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An important development in the international media landscape is its anglicisation.
SIR - Instead of attacking Welsh nationalism after the election, Carwyn Jones should be more concerned with the narrow English nationalism of Ukip making inroads into the Labour vote in Wales, particularly in the Valleys, because of Anglicisation and opposition to membership of the European Union.
Examination of linguistic standardisation in Scots, the author points out, has always focused on the Anglicisation which took place in the post-Reformation period; the linguistic standardisation which was proceeding prior to this having so far received almost no attention.
These included architectural forms, the adoption and adaptation of British forms of sociability and political structures, as well as the conspicuous consumption of British-made or -inspired manufactured goods that contributed to the Anglicisation of these cities and their inhabitants to varying degrees.
English wives served to link the Irish peerage to their English counterparts, thereby integrating them into the patronage afforded by the court, and contributing to the peerage's role as agent of Anglicisation in Ireland.
As an Anglicisation of Latin translatio, it represents not only linguistic translation or the transfer of physical objects (such as relics in translatio reliquiarum), but also the transfer of power (translatio imperii) and the transfer of knowledge (translatio studii).
Throughout, the author argues that football "has, for the past century, been a vehicle for Anglicisation, a space where ethnic identity has connected, even become intertwined, with national identity.
The establishment of the ITUC in 1894 might have reversed anglicisation, but O'Connor argues that it did not, because ITUC leaders suffered from 'mental colonisation'--a sort of 'cultural cringe'--causing them to replicate the practices of the British movement (appropriate to an industrial economy, but manifestly unsuited to Irish circumstance).
In 1937, the Muslim Personal Law restored rights (such as inheritance of property) that had been lost by women under the Anglicisation of certain civil laws.
It turned out the rule, designed to stop one of the language's last bastions falling prey to anglicisation, was not even flexible enough to allow these African street children to sing a song with half the lyrics in Welsh.
Borgmann cites three monster banananames in passing, MONOVINYLACETYLENE, an 18 (plural 19), Shakespeare's HONORIFICABILITUDINITATIBUS, a staggering 27 letters, and HONORIFICABILITUDINITY, 22, Funk & Wagnalls' Anglicisation of Shakespeare's Latin word.
Cardiff schools should not be penalised for the anglicisation of this part of Wales and should not be judged by the same criteria as a rural school in Ceredigion, for example, where Welsh is heard locally all the time.