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(ăng′glō-kăth′lĭk, -kăth′ə-lĭk)
A member of the Anglican Church whose religious convictions emphasize sacramental worship.

An′glo-Cath′o·lic adj.


(Anglicanism) of or relating to a group within the Church of England or the Anglican Communion that emphasizes the Catholic elements in its teaching and practice
(Anglicanism) a member of this group
ˌAnglo-Caˈtholiˌcism n


(ˈæŋ gloʊˈkæθ ə lɪk, -ˈkæθ lɪk)

1. a person who emphasizes the Catholic character of the Anglican Church.
2. of or pertaining to Anglo-Catholicism or Anglo-Catholics.
An′glo-Cathol′icism, n.
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Adj.1.Anglo-catholic - supporting the Anglican Church


A. ADJanglocatólico
B. Nanglocatólico/a m/f
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Once again today, still true to that Anglo-Catholic tradition, St Alban's Church is attracting Christians in the immigrant community of Highgate seeking to reaffirm their far-flung Christian roots and traditions in their new home.
Archdeacon of Cardigan Dr William Strange, a member of the Anglo-Catholic conservative alliance Anglican Mainstream, believes Richard is worthy of his grand occasion.
finds these pro-sectarian or pro-Catholic novels to be influenced by four major Victorian movements: the Catholic Emancipation of 1829, John Keble's 1833 sermon "On National Apostasy" and the rise of the Oxford Movement, the influence of Anglo-Catholic ritualism, and the 1850 restoration of the Catholic hierarchy in England.
Her contribution to the Anglo-Catholic theological tradition, in particular her theology of work and her efforts to illuminate its Trinitarian underpinnings and social implications, are of real consequence, especially because her writing is itself the work of a consummate craftsman.
After the vote, the Anglo-Catholic group Forward in Faith issued a statement saying it was pleased that the Church of England "is committed to providing bishops and priests for our parishes, enabling us to flourish in the life and structures of our church.
Martin Clarke's comparison of two early Victorian hymnbooks, one Evangelical, the other Anglo-Catholic, investigates how the two groups positioned themselves in response to the Church of England's growing acceptance of hymn-singing (as opposed to psalm-singing, which had long been permitted) in church services.
Cambridge University Anglo-Catholic priest and worker amidst the London
com)-- An Anglo-Catholic church is meeting in Newtown Square on Sunday mornings at 9:00.
The Mass and the Masses": Nineteenth-Century Anglo-Catholic Socialism.
The original St Alban's school was founded in 1871 by Anglo-Catholic brothers James and Thomas Pollock to meet the needs of young people living in the heart of Birmingham.
In addition to his theatre and classical organ performances, he is currently Assistant Organist at St Mary''s, Bourne Street; a central London church renowned for its Anglo-Catholic Liturgy.
Then are some who belong to the Anglo-Catholic wing of the Church of England who say our General Synod has no power to agree to female bishops unless we do so in conjunction with the Catholic Church.