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1. A native of England living in Ireland.
2. A native of Ireland living in England.
3. A person of mixed Irish and English ancestry.

An′glo-I′rish adj.


1. the Anglo-Irish (functioning as plural) the inhabitants of Ireland of English birth or descent
2. (Linguistics) the English language as spoken in Ireland
3. of or relating to the Anglo-Irish
4. of or relating to English and Irish
5. (Linguistics) of or relating to the English language as spoken in Ireland


(ˈæŋ gloʊˈaɪ rɪʃ)

1. belonging to, relating to, or involving England and Ireland: Anglo-Irish literature.
2. of or pertaining to the Anglo-Irish.
3. (used with a pl. v.) persons of English descent, or of mixed English and Irish descent, living in Ireland.


A. ADJangloirlandés
B. Nangloirlandés/esa m/f
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Mr Miliband said, The Anglo-Irish alliance is pretty special; we came into the EU together, we often work together - I know from my experience we work together - we have complimentary strengths.
Walshe's selection allows us to engage with a Bowen whose "lifelong wish to explain and mediate her class and country" was pursued in the face of a gradual shift in her class's power from the 1920s "where some elements of the Anglo-Irish political class still exerted influence" to the end of the 1960s when "her class had become much more marginal to the political working of the Irish Republic.
It means that, despite the short-term benefits of the deal, the Irish people, including those not yet born, will have to pay all of the former Anglo-Irish debt.
Like many members of the Anglo-Irish Ascendancy Conolly came from a new family, but as Walsh's research makes clear it was a new family with old roots.
Knight Frank is advising Anglo-Irish Bank and DTZ is acting for Signature.
Finance Minister Brian Lenihan told the Dail that while he had read a report into Anglo-Irish Bank prepared for him by Price Waterhouse Coopers, he had not noticed this staggeringly large transfer in and out of the bank.
Based on and in conjunction with the publication of the Anglo-Irish National Hunt Classifications, the equine awards will celebrate the highest-rated horses of the last campaign in various categories, with the biggest question being how many chasing awards can Kauto Star claim?
The Faerie Queene captures, and indeed is strongly energized by, the linguistic crises and paradoxes of the Anglo-Irish engagement, the violence of its political and military praxis, and the implicit demonization of the Irish "other.
She was later to write essays and to lecture on the American, Anglo-Irish, French, Italian and Russian novel.
In his Autobiographies, Yeats recalled an Anglo-Irish Protestant childhood set against the backdrop of Fenian (Irish nationalist) violence and the "outrages" of the Land War, agrarian agitations aimed at reforming the neo-feudal system of land tenure in Ireland.
It lasted until 1922, which saw the end of the Anglo-Irish War (page 15) and the publication of Ulysses (page 576) by James Joyce (page 277).
The Great Houses of Ireland is a series of interviews with more than 100 members of prominent Irish and Anglo-Irish families.

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