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Centered or focused on England or the English, especially in relation to historical or cultural influence: "[His] view of American culture from its very origins is almost truculently Anglocentric" (Jack Miles).

An′glo·cen′trism n.
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Given that more than a third of the novels read in Britain between 1660 and 1770 were translations of French fictions and fictions that seemed largely indifferent to the question of national origin until the mid-eighteenth century, one has to ask why this retroactive Anglocentrism has taken over the history of the novel.
Cherry and her daughter also represent the hope for a utopian, matriarchal society in which ethnic/cultural differences and traditional concepts of latinidad and Anglocentrism are questioned, and where paradigms of gender domination are subverted.
Particularly valuable in light of the characteristic anglocentrism of Tudor historiography is a chapter on Wales in the context of what S.
The imbalance may arise from Burleigh's unadulterated Anglocentrism, which in turn underlies wrathful rejection of the (mostly correct) location by scholars of the strategic center of World War II in the Soviet-German war of 1941-1945--a truth that does not diminish the heroism, sacrifice, and enormous contribution of Western soldiers, sailors, and flyers to the banishment of Nazism from the world.
He has argued extensively in his previous writings that Scotland has a history separate from England's, that Britishness has often been Englishness enlarged, and that academics have been inclined to allow Anglocentrism to swamp their work in the pursuit of a "new British history.