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Anglophilia in Somaliland is vanishing for the UK's ignorance of the close ties between the two nations.
For those who suffer from Anglophilia, it's comforting to know that you don't have to travel across the Atlantic to get your Britain fix.
Taking as one illustrative example the antebellum US fascination with the English monarchy, Tamarkin argues that what she calls "American Anglophilia," cannot be understood as "the aftershocks of British rule" but rather that it "emerges from within the psychology of democratic life itself" (xxv).
She belongs to the German group of politicians that tend towards anglophilia, not francophilia.
Pardo Bazan herself pokes fun of Spanish Anglophilia in "Sportman, Sportmen y 'Sportment'" (1896) by ridiculing Spanish men who imitate British customs and in "Polo" (1896) by describing members of the Spanish aristocracy who could pass as English: "Los dos hermanos eran una acuarela de Kate Greenaway, clavadita: eran la anglofilia, nota suprema del buen tono actual" ("La vida contemporanea.
After 1990, French loans lose their prestige and start being gradually replaced by Anglicisms, in the context of anglophilia present in the mass-media and especially in the languae of the youth.
The Hermitage's collection of 370 items of British silver dates largely from the 18th century when Russian Anglophilia was at its peak.
In this regression of anglophilia (or perhaps progression of proto-post-colonial consciousness), Gulliver, through his linguistic acquisitions, becomes a satire of the colonialist fear that increased exposure to native customs and ideas would weaken the traveler's loyalty to England, English, and their moral character.
And beginning in the 1980s, those conservatives who had come of age in the 1950s and who were within a generation of Chesterton's death were themselves passing from the scene, and with them the force of the Anglophilia and quasi-reactionary Catholicism that had energized many early conservatives.
But perhaps, just as Heyman's "Harry Potter" series cannily fostered global Anglophilia through universal storytelling, this intrepid traveler can forge a similar path to more modest international success.
Billy's dad would puff thoughtfully on his pipe, an affectation acquired in a recent and alarming burst of Anglophilia.
Schiller's adaptation of British material in Maria Stuart falls in a period of Anglophilia and Shakespearianism to which Schiller's "naturalistic" tragedies contribute.