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One who dislikes or fears England, its people, or its culture.

An′glo·pho′bi·a n.
An′glo·pho′bic adj.
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Adj.1.Anglophobic - characterized by Anglophobia


adjanglophob (form), → anti-englisch, englandfeindlich
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And Alan Taylor, later to become a well-known optician in Coventry, recalls how, having hitchhiked north to catch up with the Highlands branch of his cross-border family, he spent a challenging couple of hours in the company of the Anglophobic inhabitants of a shale-mining village.
There had once been suspicion that he was positively Anglophobic.
relations in this era, I was often struck by the parochial and highly Anglophobic attitudes of key State Department figures such as Sumner Welles (supposedly FDR's right-hand man at State), Adolf Berle, and Jay Pierrepont Moffat.
The Anglophobic character was absent from 2013's Absolutely reunion at Glasgow's Oran Mor for Radio 4's Sketchorama but comedy aficionados will have spotted him in Channel 4 one-off Scotland In a Day, shown on the night of the referendum.
Britain's clampdown on Dublin's 1916 Easter Rising, a clampdown soon forgotten by most of the British public, provoked in America--scarcely less than in the Emerald Isle itself--an Anglophobic rage still detectable 98 years on.
Calhoun, Anglophobic and virulently pro-slavery, analogized Britain's incursions on Chinese sovereignty to British and Northern attacks on Southern slave trading; while John Quincy Adams, who at that moment favored the imposition of federal power in order to limit slavery's expansion, also supported Britain's efforts to impose a liberal commercial order and Westphalian diplomatic system on China.
Alas, the Macarthyite degree of opprobrium cast against BP chief executive Tony Hayward is part and parcel of Obama's increasingly Anglophobic America.
Alas, the Mc-Carthyite degree of opprobrium cast against BP chief executive Tony Hayward is part and parcel Obama's increasingly Anglophobic America.
Buchanan is an Anglophobic, "Old Right" conservative who despises the neoconservative agenda of foisting democracy on foreign states, waging preventive war to forestall challenges to US global military supremacy, and promoting Israel's interests in the Middle East.
His openness to English and American influences brought Coubertin into conflict with his Anglophobic countrymen (Guttmann, 1992).
If the French, until recently, found less pleasure in visiting London (French refugees--from aristocrats fleeing the guillotine to de Gaulle--usually departed more anglophobic than they arrived), once there they found much to admire and envy.
displays the sort of Anglophobic bigotry one has come to expect from those who would deny England a democratic voice.