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also an·glo·phone  (ăn′glə-fōn′)
An English-speaking person, especially one in a country where two or more languages are spoken.

An′glo·phon′ic (-fŏn′ĭk) adj.


(Languages) a person who speaks English, esp a native speaker
(Languages) speaking English


(ˈæŋ gləˌfoʊn)

n. (sometimes l.c.)
an English-speaking person, esp. a native speaker of English.


A. ADJanglófono
B. Nanglófono/a m/f


adj (= English-speaking) → anglophone
n (= English speaker) → anglophone mfAnglo-Saxon [ˌæŋgləʊˈsæksən]
nAnglo-Saxon(ne) m/f
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State policies of the Francophone-dominated government in the postcolonial state era contributed substantially in the emergence of Anglophone nationalism.
Among the Patriarch' s visitors: Abi Ghosn family from Jbeil; a delegation of Catholic Anglophone Schools headed by Priest Merwan Tabet; and a delegation of Auxilia foundation.
Sally Bushell's Text as Process: Creative Composition in Wordsworth, Tennyson, and Dickinson is a ground-breaking work that establishes the basis for an Anglo-American "genetic criticism," drawing on the insights of French critique genetique while reorienting that approach to bring it into dialogue with some of the primary emphases of Anglophone textual criticism.
Testing our predictions with 358 Dutch students, we found that previous exposure to an Anglophone culture with higher values for masculinity, performance orientation and assertiveness negatively influences cooperative behavior in a prisoner's dilemma game when the game is played in English.
How could it be otherwise, given the huge exodus of anglophone Quebeckers from the 1960s onwards?
I am not sure whether a similar state of affairs exists in former British colonies, with UK financial institutions dominating Anglophone Africa.
While scholars in the Anglophone world are generally sympathetic to the spirit of this call, they face considerable challenges in finding a nomenclature to match it.
Parascandola, "Look For Me All Around You": Anglophone Caribbean Immigrants in the Harlem Renaissance (Wayne State UP, 2005).
The preeminent anglophone Canadian silversmith of his generation, Robert Cruickshank dominated the silver craft in Montreal throughout the late 18th century, until about 1805.
2007) Change Aesthetics in Anglophone Cameroon Drama & Theatre.
Ce livre ne devait pas etre au depart un livre d'administration publique, quoique son but soit de comprendre comment le gouvernement federal a essaye de combler le fosse entre les deux communautes francophone et anglophone au Canada.
College London, UK) summarizes and synthesizes the literature from the Anglophone world connecting anthropological themes of culture with the medical treatment of cancer.