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n. pl. An·glos
1. An Anglo-American.
2. An English-speaking person, especially a white North American who is not of Hispanic or French ancestry.

[Short for Anglo-American.]

An′glo adj.
Usage Note: In contemporary American usage, Anglo is used primarily in distinguishing a white English-speaking person from a person of Hispanic heritage. In this context it is not limited to persons of English ancestry, but can be generally applied to any non-Hispanic white person. Thus in parts of the United States with large Hispanic populations, an American of Polish, Irish, or German heritage might be termed an Anglo just as readily as a person of English ancestry. However, in parts of the country where the Hispanic community is small, or in areas where ethnic distinctions among European groups remain strong, Anglo has little currency as a general term for non-Hispanic whites. · Anglo is also used in non-Hispanic contexts. In Canada, where its usage dates at least to 1800, the distinction is between persons of English and French ancestry. And in American historical contexts Anglo is normally used more strictly to refer to persons of English heritage.


n, pl -glos
1. US a White inhabitant of the United States who is not of Latin extraction
2. Austral an Australian of Anglo-Celtic descent
3. Canadian an English-speaking Canadian, esp one of Anglo-Celtic origin; an Anglo-Canadian


(ˈæŋ gloʊ)

n., pl. -glos,
adj. n.
1. a white American of non-Hispanic descent.
2. a Canadian whose first language is English, as distinguished from French-speaking Canadians.
4. of or pertaining to Anglos.
[1835–45; Anglo-]


a combining form of English: Anglo-Norman; Anglo-Catholic.
[< Late Latin Angl(us) Angle + -o-]


[ˈæŋgləʊ] Nblanco/a m/f, americano/a m/f (de origen no hispano)
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Baptist University of the Americas, with 89 percent of its student body comprised of Hispanic students, is working hard to build bridges for Hispanics, African-Americans, Asians, and Anglos called to ministry in a predominantly Hispanic context.
At the very onset of Mexican Baptist history in Texas, Mexicans who came to faith in the newly established Texas Republic became members of both Mexican Baptist congregations and Anglo Baptist congregations in Texas.
Huntington writes, "Lionel Sosa, a successful Texas Mexican-American businessman, in 1998 hailed the emerging Hispanic middle-class professionals who look like Anglos, but whose 'values remain quite different from an Anglo's.
While local Anglos were largely Protestant, the Mexicans were mostly Catholic, meeting the primary requirement of the New York Foundling Hospital, the Catholic-run agency that brought orphans and abandoned children west on "orphan trains.
The trial judge, without testimony from any Mexicans, sanctioned the mob action and awarded the children to the Anglos who stole them.
Foley states that "Gendered notions of whiteness thus played an important role in whitening Mexicans and in complicating whiteness for Anglos like Hickey .
Fixed as they were on this image of the melting pot, of immigrants fleeing a disruptive revolution to find a place in the American sun, Anglos did not on the whole understand that assimilation would be considered by most Cubans a doubtful goal at best.
The addition of the Ron Property geological data will allow Anglo Swiss to expand its geological model to include more regional geology, which will assist in determining mineralized zones of interest on both properties.
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