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(German ˈanhalt)
(Placename) a former duchy and state of central E Germany, now part of the state of Saxony-Anhalt: part of East Germany until 1990


(ˈɑn hɑlt)

a former state in central Germany: now part of Saxony-Anhalt.
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Italians realize this, as is natural; those of them who are so unfortunate as to serve as waiters in Berlin call the Anhalt Bahnhof the Stazione d'Italia, because by it they must return to their homes.
Prior to that, Anhalt served as chief medical officer and medical director of the artificial pancreas program at Animas, a Johnson & Johnson company.
Hilton in recent years battled stepfather Frederik von Anhalt over control of her mother's finances, with a judge at one point ordering von Anhalt to allow Hilton to visit Gabor.
According to the company artist Princess Tarinan von Anhalt will harness the power of Flexjet's Learjet 45 XR engine to replace the traditional paintbrush this week at Signature Flight Support in West Palm Beach.
The agreement gives von Anhalt the right to make medical decisions on behalf of his wife while allowing Hilton weekly visits.
This pathetic behaviour is just one more publicity stunt on behalf of Von Anhalt at the further cost of a mother/daughter relationship and the legacy of Zsa Zsa Gabor," he added.
Centre and periphery, roots and exile; interpreting the music of Istvan Anhalt, Gyorgy Kurtag, and Sandor Veress.
Frederic Von anhalt has taken out a billboard on sunset Boulevard in los angeles, to celebrate the couple's 25th wedding anniversary.
Prince Frederic von Anhalt, 61, says he has donated sperm at a Beverly Hills clinic and plans to use it to fertilise donor eggs which will be carried by a surrogate mum.
Gabor's husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt, said she fell out of her bed last week trying to get into a wheelchair at her Bel-Air home.
The whole idea is to teach discipline, keep kids focused and give them some options for success in the future once they reach the community,'' said Edward Anhalt, director of Camp Scudder.
The 85-year-old actress, who was not wearing a seat belt, broke her arm and needed stitches in her head, hands, arms and legs, Frederic von Anhalt - Gabor's eighth husband - said.