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n. pl. zo·ot·o·mies
1. The anatomy of animals.
2. Dissection of animals.

zo′o·tom′ic (zō′ə-tŏm′ĭk), zo′o·tom′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.
zo·ot′o·mist n.


(Zoology) the branch of zoology concerned with the dissection and anatomy of animals
zootomic, ˌzooˈtomical adj
ˌzooˈtomically adv
zoˈotomist n


1. the dissection of animals other than man.
2. the anatomy of animals. — zootomist, n. — zootomic, zootomical, adj.
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He added: "The course is in two parts with lectures in the morning dealing with basic animal anatomy, species we will usually find in the North Sea and the methods of checking them and rescuing them.
His understanding of animal anatomy as well as their natural actions and poses gives his bronzes a life-like realism.
Finalists also participated in lectures, study sessions and laboratory exercises led by biology experts in fields that include cellular & molecular biology, plant anatomy & physiology, animal anatomy & physiology, genetics & evolution, ecology, ethology, and biosystematics.
He later studied under Frank Calderon, a specialist animal painter, at a school devoted to the study of animal anatomy and painting.
All the Bonheur children drew from nature, and Rosa's love of animals led her to the Paris slaughterhouses to study animal anatomy.
Plant and animal anatomy, feed technology, and analytical chemistry are just a few that have contributed.
Professor Roger Seymour from the University's School of Earth & Environmental Sciences has applied the latest theories of human and animal anatomy and physiology to provide insight into the lives of dinosaurs.
I'd really like to see an article in your magazine that focuses on game animal anatomy and how it relates to shot selections and shot angles.
Examples from geometry, music and animal anatomy come tumbling out as Lauesen shows you around in the studio.
The animal anatomy is different and is not a license for researchers funded by big drug companies to try fitting a square hole in a round peg.
He studied human and animal anatomy, the architecture and structure of buildings, and the flow of liquids and gasses.
This included the prominent junction of sinuses named the lenos (wine vat) (Galen renamed it the torcular Herophili; however, this structure is rarely prominent in man, and the term could represent another example of animal anatomy corrupting knowledge of human anatomy).

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