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n. pl. zo·ot·o·mies
1. The anatomy of animals.
2. Dissection of animals.

zo′o·tom′ic (zō′ə-tŏm′ĭk), zo′o·tom′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.
zo·ot′o·mist n.


(Zoology) the branch of zoology concerned with the dissection and anatomy of animals
zootomic, ˌzooˈtomical adj
ˌzooˈtomically adv
zoˈotomist n


1. the dissection of animals other than man.
2. the anatomy of animals. — zootomist, n. — zootomic, zootomical, adj.
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The structures that make up the posterior respiratory system of boto and tucuxi were evaluated macroscopically at the UFAC's Laboratory of Animal Anatomy (Center for Biological and Nature Sciences) and the following biometric parameters were taken: length, width and thickness of the components of the trachea, tracheal bronchus, main bronchi and lungs.
Certification through a veterinary program gives the best indication of animal anatomy and physiology knowledge.
Anatomage will provide a greater understanding of both human and animal anatomy, laying a strong foundation for the future careers of our students.
It's great for everyone to learn about the environment (including easy and valuable steps to take to safeguard it), learn about animal anatomy, and then create a work of art.
He added: "The course is in two parts with lectures in the morning dealing with basic animal anatomy, species we will usually find in the North Sea and the methods of checking them and rescuing them.
His understanding of animal anatomy as well as their natural actions and poses gives his bronzes a life-like realism.
The background to all the pages is black and therefore much of the text is white, the layout is clear and accessible with fact boxes on most pages highlighting extraordinary features of animal anatomy which help it to trap pray or fend off attackers, such as spines, stings, teeth, tentacles, bioluminescence and jet propulsion.
He later studied under Frank Calderon, a specialist animal painter, at a school devoted to the study of animal anatomy and painting.
Plant and animal anatomy, feed technology, and analytical chemistry are just a few that have contributed.
Learn animal anatomy so you can shoot them where they live.
Drawing tip: Get an animal anatomy book and look at real anima4s and draw them.
Professor Roger Seymour from the University's School of Earth & Environmental Sciences has applied the latest theories of human and animal anatomy and physiology to provide insight into the lives of dinosaurs.

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