factory farming

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factory farm

A large-scale farming operation designed for efficient production, especially a large complex where animals are kept and tended in narrow cages or other close confinement.

factory farming n.

factory farming

n (Brit) → allevamento su scala industriale
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In 2008, the Environmental Protection Agency exempted all animal feeding operations and small farm operations from emissions reporting, recognizing that congressional intent was not to regulate low-level emissions of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide from livestock.
cattle, once reaching a certain age, is no longer grass-fed, it's sent to concentrated animal feeding operations to finish out their lives fattening-up on corn and soybeans.
Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, former Oklahoma attorney general, has said he has no desire to pursue enforcing regulations on concentrated animal feeding operations.
1, makes it a crime to operate a drone over "concentrated animal feeding operations," as well as telecommunication facilities and certain oil and gas facilities.
This trend culminated in the ubiquity of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), which solidified as the standard method of farming in the second half of the 20th century.
He provided leadership in the development and maintenance of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service curriculum for training technical service providers in creating comprehensive nutrient management plans for animal feeding operations.
This edition adds chapters on environmental health, environmental policy, world hunger, and biodiversity preservation; incorporates key concepts and end-of-chapter study aids; adds questions to infographics; and moves some chapters online, including those on forest resources, grasslands and soils, marine resources, fisheries, biofuels, and new chapters on mineral resources and geology and raising livestock in concentrated animal feeding operations.
is the eighth-largest poultry producer in the country, and the company plans to build approximately 600 large concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) in our small county.
If the DGAC had really told us the truth about America's red-meat horror show (95 percent of our red meat comes from these Confined Animal Feeding Operations or CAFOs), we'd be having a conversation about how we can get rid of factory farms.
The fact that more and more livestock operations are switching over to Animal Feeding Operations (AFOs) whereby animals are confined in crowded enclosures (instead of allowed to graze at pasture) means that antibiotics will play an increasingly important role in disease prevention.
For example, the EPA defines animal feeding operations (AFOs) as