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Noun1.Anisoptera - dragonfliesAnisoptera - dragonflies        
animal order - the order of animals
Odonata, order Odonata - dragonflies and damselflies
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We first compared the proportion of species in the uncommon/rare category to the proportion of common species between the suborders Anisoptera and Zygoptera (Table 1).
Pages 165 to 517 comprise dragonlies, the Anisoptera, organized by families as follows: Petaltails, Darners, Clubtails, Spiketails, Cruisers, Emeralds, and Skimmers.
There are two distinctive groups - the Anisoptera or true dragonflies,and the Zygoptera or damselflies.
Hill forests are dominated by dipterocarp species such as Anisoptera grossivenia (penyau), Dipterocarpus gracilis (tempurau), Shorea leprosula (rup) and S.