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The capital of Maryland, in the central part of the state on an inlet of Chesapeake Bay south-southeast of Baltimore. Settled in 1649, it was the site of the Annapolis Convention in 1786, which led to the federal Constitutional Convention of 1787. The US Naval Academy, founded in 1845, is in Annapolis.


(Placename) the capital of Maryland, near the mouth of the Severn River on Chesapeake Bay: site of the US Naval Academy. Pop: 36 178 (2003 est)


(əˈnæp ə lɪs)

the capital of Maryland, in the central part, on Chesapeake Bay: U.S. Naval Academy. 33,360.
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Noun1.Annapolis - state capital of MarylandAnnapolis - state capital of Maryland; site of the United States Naval Academy
Free State, Maryland, Old Line State, MD - a Mid-Atlantic state; one of the original 13 colonies
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As all of these, however, had reference, either to the recommendation from the meeting at Annapolis, in September, 1786, or to that from Congress, in February, 1787, it will be sufficient to recur to these particular acts.
The act from Annapolis recommends the "appointment of commissioners to take into consideration the situation of the United States; to devise SUCH FURTHER PROVISIONS as shall appear to them necessary to render the Constitution of the federal government ADEQUATE TO THE EXIGENCIES OF THE UNION; and to report such an act for that purpose, to the United States in Congress assembled, as when agreed to by them, and afterwards confirmed by the legislature of every State, will effectually provide for the same.
They had seen the LIBERTY ASSUMED by a VERY FEW deputies from a VERY FEW States, convened at Annapolis, of recommending a great and critical object, wholly foreign to their commission, not only justified by the public opinion, but actually carried into effect by twelve out of the thirteen States.
Stopping a day at Annapolis, he visited the shop of a well-known optician and ordered seven powerful telescopes, one for every day in the week.
With Charley, who was not interested in business, but was already preparing for Annapolis, Mr.
the Annapolis, returning with those astronomers from Tutuwanga.
The latter, with his wife, had been landed there by the Annapolis, which had promptly gone on with its cargo of astronomers to Fiji.
The Convention was held at Annapolis, in September of that year.
Eighteen nurse practitioners from around Maryland convened at the House of Delegates in Annapolis at the 2nd annual NPAM Nurse Practitioner Lobby Day in Annapolis on February 21, 2017.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-March 29, 2017-Accenture acquires First Annapolis
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 29, 2017-Accenture acquires First Annapolis
The scope of services is the implementation of a water quality stormwater and watershed improvement plan, including but not limited to the design, construction, operations, maintenance and potential financing of the 16 high priority Best Management Practices addressed in the City of Annapolis Stormwater Management Inventory and Watershed Improvement Plan of March 2016.

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