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also a·nat·to (ə-nä′tō)
n. pl. an·nat·tos also a·nat·tos
1. A tropical American evergreen shrub or small tree (Bixa orellana), having heart-shaped leaves and showy, rose-pink or sometimes white flowers.
2. The seed of this plant, used as a coloring and sometimes as a flavoring, especially in Latin American cuisine.
3. A yellowish-red dyestuff obtained from the arils of this plant's seeds, used especially to dye fabric and to color food products such as margarine and cheese. In all senses also called achiote.

[Of Cariban origin.]


(əˈnætəʊ) or


n, pl -tos
1. (Plants) a small tropical American tree, Bixa orellana, having red or pinkish flowers and pulpy seeds that yield a dye: family Bixaceae
2. (Dyeing) the yellowish-red dye obtained from the pulpy outer layer of the coat of the seeds of this tree, used for colouring fabrics, butter, varnish, etc
Also called: annatta
[from Carib]


(əˈnæt oʊ, əˈnɑ toʊ)

n., pl. -tos.
1. a small tree, Bixa orellana, of the family Bixaceae, of tropical America.
2. a yellowish red dye obtained from the pulp enclosing the seeds of this tree, used for coloring fabrics, butter, varnish, etc.
[1675–85; < Carib]
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There are of course bigger sharing platters the pick of which should be the Gringa al Pastor (Dh45) or quesedilla (made with flour tortillas) filled with annato chicken, arbol chilli salsa, cheese and cilantro, served with guacamole.
Annato seedsderived tocotrienols (KABCO, USA) were obtained in the form of oil packed in capsules, each having 125 mg tocotrienols (mixture of 90% delta and 10% gamma tocotrienol).
Beraca works directly with communities from the rainforest (and other ecological zones within Brazil) to source raw ingredients including acai, andiroba, annato, Brazil nut, buriti, copaiba, passion fruit, cupuacu, murumuru and Amazonian white clay.
Beauty Ingredients: Rain forest acai oil, rain forest annato oil, rain forest Brazil nut oil, rain forest buriti oil, rain forest passion fruit oil, rain forest cupuacu butter, rain forest murumuru butter, rain forest copaiba oil, rain forest andiroba oil
They typically include: Cropwell Bishop Organic Blue Stilton (described as creamy, with a "farmy" taste), Shropshire Blue (similar to Stilton but with the addition of Annato spice to give colour), Quicke's Cheddar (a traditional English cheddar) and Appleby's Cheshire (subtle and clean with notes of savoury vegetables).