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The short take on Henry is this: Because he wanted to dump his wife and marry Anne Boleyn, or as Shakespeare has her, Anne Bullen, Henry dissolved the Roman Catholic church in Britain and established a new Church of England.
Aoife MacMahon plays Anne Bullen in the beautiful setting of Holy Trinity Church' Jem Wall as Cranmer and Alice Wood as baby Princess Elizabeth
THE Foreign Secretary got rid of secretary Anne Bullen because "she was impossible to work with".
Even worse was to follow when it was revealed his Foreign Office diary secretary, Anne Bullen, had been "ousted" to make way for Gaynor, but the plan misfired after objections within the FO.
Then came the insider leak about the sacking of his diary secretary Anne Bullen and his attempt to get Gaynor her job.
Meanwhile, Campbell has been trying to bully the Press, accusing journalists of reporting "trivia" for their handling of the row over Robin Cook's diary secretary Anne Bullen.
His public denunciation of his former diary secretary Anne Bullen and a series of bungles have tarnished his reputation as one of Labour's top operators.
1998: Foreign Secretary Robin Cook was at the centre of another row when he used a Brussels press conference to criticise his sacked diary secretary Anne Bullen.
Cook conveniently forgot the truth again over the sacking of his diary secretary, Anne Bullen.
SACKING diary secretary Anne Bullen, amid claims he wanted Gaynor to replace her.
The Foreign Secretary, questioned on the dismissal of Anne Bullen - the former diary secretary, said: "She was appointed by totally exceptional methods by Order in Council.
He can be blamed for attacking Anne Bullen at an international press conference knowing that her contract prevented her from defending herself.