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Noun1.Anne Sullivan - United States educator who was the teacher and lifelong companion of Helen Keller (1866-1936)
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In "The Miracle Worker" the emotional "reveal" in the story is when Helen connects the idea of water with the word water that Annie Sullivan continually spells into her hand.
In early April, she'll be Jane Franklin Mecom one day and Annie Sullivan - the "miracle worker" who coaxed Helen Keller out of her dark and silent world - the next.
Her role was as Hellen Keller's teacher Annie Sullivan.
Keller's teacher and friend, Annie Sullivan, graduated from Perkins in 1886, the valedictorian of her class.
The "miracle worker" and the transcendentalist; Annie Sullivan, Franklin Sanborn, and the education of Helen Keller.
Helen Keller, Annie Sullivan, Maria Montessori and Christa McAuliffe are teachers whose work and lives are well known.
99) provides a fine performance by Mary Robinette Kowal, whose experienced voice acting lends drama and tension to this story of Annie Sullivan, whose homecoming in South Carolina is bittersweet.
The wise, open-minded governess is reminiscent of Helen Keller's Annie Sullivan.
Alison Pill, who starred in the movie "Milk" as well as a list of Broadway shows, will play Keller s teacher Annie Sullivan.
This novel retells the events that took place when Annie Sullivan arrived in Alabama from Massachusetts to teach deaf, blind Helen Keller.