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Noun1.Anne Sullivan - United States educator who was the teacher and lifelong companion of Helen Keller (1866-1936)
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In desperation, the family sends away for a teacher, young Miss Annie Sullivan, to teach Helen communication and day-to-day functionality.
The Tony Award-winning play, based on Keller's biography, dramatizes the breakthrough teacher Annie Sullivan painstakingly develops with her deaf, mute student.
In this lovely middle school novel, Jean Little has gathered details about Martha from Helen Keller's book, The Story of My Life, in order to imagine the possibility of Helen's only friendship before she was given the gift of words by Annie Sullivan.
But the one person who never held this restrictive opinion toward Helen was her teacher, Annie Sullivan.
In "The Miracle Worker" the emotional "reveal" in the story is when Helen connects the idea of water with the word water that Annie Sullivan continually spells into her hand.
A few years later, she was cast onstage as Annie Sullivan in "The Miracle Worker," the first time that ethnicity was not a requisite for the role.
Her role was as Hellen Keller's teacher Annie Sullivan.
Keller's teacher and friend, Annie Sullivan, graduated from Perkins in 1886, the valedictorian of her class.
The "miracle worker" and the transcendentalist; Annie Sullivan, Franklin Sanborn, and the education of Helen Keller.
99) provides a fine performance by Mary Robinette Kowal, whose experienced voice acting lends drama and tension to this story of Annie Sullivan, whose homecoming in South Carolina is bittersweet.
The wise, open-minded governess is reminiscent of Helen Keller's Annie Sullivan.