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Noun1.Annonaceae - chiefly tropical trees or shrubsAnnonaceae - chiefly tropical trees or shrubs  
magnoliid dicot family - family of dicotyledonous flowering plants regarded as among the most primitive of extant angiosperms
order Ranales, order Ranunculales, Ranales, Ranunculales - herbs, shrubs and trees: includes families Ranunculaceae; Annonaceae; Berberidaceae; Magnoliaceae; Menispermaceae; Myristicaceae; Nymphaeaceae; Lardizabalaceae; Lauraceae; Calycanthaceae; Ceratophyllaceae; Cercidiphyllaceae
Annona, genus Annona - type genus of the Annonaceae; tropical American trees or shrubs
Cananga, Canangium, genus Cananga, genus Canangium - a genus of Malayan tree
genus Oxandra, Oxandra - genus of tropical trees
genus Xylopia, Xylopia - tropical evergreen trees or shrubs; chiefly African
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The families with most species in the forest on limestone in southwestern Guangxi are ranked as Euphorbiaceae, Moraceae, Sterculiaceae, Rubiaceae, Verbenaceae, Meliaceae, Annonaceae and Sapindaceae, while in Hainan the dominant families are Lauraceae, Euphorbiaceae, Rubiaceae, Annonaceae, Fagaceae, Moraceae, Myrtaceae and Meliaceae.
Annona Muricata is a fruit, which belong to Annonaceae family, has been highly studied because of its big therapeutic and medicinal potential, [1].
A new subfamilial and tribal classification of the pantropical flowering plant family Annonaceae informed by molecular phylogenetics.
As familias botanicas Burseraceae, Annonaceae, Chrysobalanaceae, Melastomataceae, Fabaceae, Vochysiaceae, Euphorbiacea, Myrsinaceae, Rubiaceae, Siparunaceae e Aquifoliaceae foram classificadas na 15(a), 17(a), 19(a), 22(a), 24(a), 25(a), 26(a), 27(a), 28(a), 29(a) e 30(a) posicao no ranking de variaveis mais importantes na deposicao de serapilheira (Tabela 3).
Scientists examined the composition and properties of some tropical and subtropical fruits belonging to the Annonaceae and Citrus genera.
The species Duguetia furfuracea is a shrub which belongs to the Annonaceae family, being popularly known as "araticum do cerrado," "ata brava.