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Noun1.Anolis - New World chameleonsAnolis - New World chameleons      
reptile genus - a genus of reptiles
American chameleon, anole, Anolis carolinensis - small arboreal tropical American insectivorous lizards with the ability to change skin color
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Less identities was found with reptiles, fish, amphibians, worms, and mollusks; lizard; Anolis carolinensis (67%), zebra fish Danio rerio (61%), frog; annelid; Helobdella robusta (51%), mollusk; Aplysia californica (50%), and mussel; Mytilus galloprovincialis (49%).
Ecology and reproduction of Anolis capito in rain-forest of southeastern Nicaragua.
Orden Familia Especie Crocodylia Alligatoridae Caiman crocodilus Anomalepididae Liotyphlops albirostris Colubridae Drymarchon corais Colubridae Imantodes cenchoa Colubridae Ninia atrata Colubridae Rhinobothryum bovallii Colubridae Sp ilotes pullatus Corytophanidae Basiliscus galeritus Dipsadidae Leptodeira septentrionalis Dipsadidae Erythrolamprus melanotus Gekkonidae Hemidactylus brookii Iguanidae Iguana iguana Leptotyphlopidae Trilepida macrolepis Squamata Phyllodactylidae Thecadactylus rapicauda Polychrotidae Anolis auratus Polychrotidae Anolis tropidogaster Polychrotidae Anolis sp.
Puerto Rico's agile, abundant Anolis cristatellus lizards have colonized dense cities despite the perilous open expanses between urban trees.
2012), Anolis auratus (Calderon-Espinosa & Barragan 2014), Cnemidophorus lemniscatus (Figueras et al.
They follow two recent phylogenetic analyses and recognize eight genera of anoles, two of which occur in Honduras Anolis and Norops.
Observed prey included one Carolina anolis (Anoils carolinensis), apparently constituting the first observation of predation on a lizard by a whooping crane.
However, recent examples, including some from our lab on Anolis lizards and songbirds, suggest that genome subsampling methods, while extremely powerful for the classical goals of phylogeography, may fail to allow phylogeography to fully achieve the goals of this new, expanded domain.
Ecomorphy Performance Capability and Scaling of West India Anolis lizard: Ana Evolutionary Ecological Research, 1: 959-970.
The lizards I worked with were the American chameleon, Anolis carolinensis.
Lizards, such as Anolis sagrei, are often the major predators of these herbivorous arthropods, significantly reducing both types of leaf damage through direct consumption of the arthropods (Spiller & Schoener 1990, 1997).