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Noun1.Anolis - New World chameleonsAnolis - New World chameleons      
reptile genus - a genus of reptiles
American chameleon, anole, Anolis carolinensis - small arboreal tropical American insectivorous lizards with the ability to change skin color
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The "structural habitat" (Rand 1964) of an Anolis species refers to both the flora and other objects upon which these arboreal lizards are found.
South American anoles: the geographic differentiation and evolution of the Anolis chrysolepis species group (Sauriaa, Iguanidae).
1996) detected a similar association between intensity of chigger infection on three species of Anolis lizards and habitat type, with lizards in moist habitats having a greater prevalence and intensity of infection.
Some niche differences in three Lesser Antillean lizards of the genus Anolis.
An observation of a Summer Tanager attempting to eat an Anolis lizard.
Likewise, lizards such as this Anolis cristatellus (bottom, right) gesture, unfolding a throat fan - called a dewlap - to communicate.
Significant loss of canopy resulting from Hurricane Hugo shifted Anolis from canopy to ground and near ground levels.
Temporal and spatial variation in survival rates of the tropical lizard Anolis limifrons.
longipes consists primarily of arthropods, especially insects, it has been recorded to prey upon vertebrates, such as Anolis lizards (Weygoldt 2000) and Eleuthrodactylus frogs (Reagan and Waide 1996).
Habitat selection behaviour of three species of Anolis lizards.