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n.1.(Zool.) One of the Anomura.
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Phylum arthropoda appeared as the second most dominant group contributed with 33 species of brachyuran and anomuran crabs.
Anomuran freshwater crabs of the family Aeglidae present just one extant genus, Aegla Leach, 1820.
The arrangement of aesthetascs on the lateral flagella of many brachyuran and marine anomuran crabs is a dense, flexible brush; these crabs flick the lateral flagella bearing this array through the water (e.
2005), and other invertebrates such as the isopod Ligia pallasii Brandt, 1833, shrimps and anemones, the anomuran Calcinus tibicen (Herbst, 1791), the mollusk Stramonita haemastoma (Linnaeus, 1758) among others, respectively studied by Carefoot (1973), Knowlton and Keller (1985), Fransozo and Mantelatto (1998) and Watanabe and Young (2006).
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This structure, by the pore arrangement in two symmetrical groups, is similar to Parafavreina Bronnimann, Caron and Zanineti, which is assumed to be anomuran excretions (Hantzschel, 1975).
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