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tr.v. a·non·y·mized, a·non·y·miz·ing, a·non·y·miz·es
To make anonymous, especially by removing or preventing access to names: medical records that were anonymized for use in a study.

a·non′y·mi·za′tion (-mĭ-zā′shən) n.


(əˈnɒnɪˌmaɪz) or


(tr) to carry out or organize in such a way as to preserve anonymity: anonymized AIDS screening.
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The anonymised data that flows into our transaction processing systems give us a fair idea of the origins, destinations and trends of spending flows.
com)-- Real-time performance management company Pay Compliment announce the launch of anonymised feedback to protect employees from fear of reprisal for speaking up about issues at work.
The Bill would also establish safeguards to protect the privacy of individual students and ensure that their data is anonymised.
Findings from the anonymised survey will be used to help develop a better understanding of young people's online lives.
Public Health England gave anonymised data on all cases from 2009 to 2013 to William E Wecker Associates under Freedom of Information law.
Its Facebook feed has posted anonymised comments from residents who say the hunt deters them from viewing Denbigh's annual Barrel Roll contest.
Edison Trends uses an artificial intelligence-based mail platform that provides comprehensive and up-to-the-moment ecommerce-based intelligence reports that are aggregated and anonymised to help customers better understand national purchase trends and shopping demand.
The technology will achieve this by building an in-depth but anonymised understanding of online gaming audiences, and then harness this insight to serve display advertising that is more relevant to each user.
Some children - anonymised to protect their identities - who were interviewed by the current affairs programme told how they felt bullied, let down and isolated after reporting abuse.
Moorfields Eye Hospital's medical research partnership with DeepMind Health--which seeks to establish if artificial intelligence can detect the signs of retinal disease using over one million anonymised OCT scans--suggests "bigger" can be added to his list.
Anonymised information gathered in Truth Project sessions will be used to shape the inquiry's recommendations to the government about how institutions can better protect children.
In respect of individuals' privacy, this anonymised processing is a much less invasive use of email data than the type of analytics performed by Google.