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(ˈɑːnˈtʃɪŋ) or


(Placename) a city in E China, in SW Anhui province on the Yangtze River: famous seven-storeyed pagoda. Pop: 686 000 (2005 est)


or An•ch'ing


a city in S Anhui province, in E China, on the Chang Jiang. 250,718.
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deputy director of Northwest Oilfield Company General Manager Liu Baozeng, Qilu Petrochemical General Manager, Deputy Party Secretary Han Feng, Jinling Petrochemical Vice Chairman, General Manager, Party Secretary Zhang Chunsheng, Maoming Petrochemical General Manager, Deputy Party Secretary Yin Zhaolin, Anqing Petrochemical Plant director, deputy party secretary, Lu Qingong, General Manager of Anqing Branch, Luoyang Petrochemical General Manager and Deputy Party Secretary, Luoyang Branch General Manager Jiang Shoulin, Chairman and General Manager of Zhanjiang Dongxing Petrochemical Co.
Anqing Heng Chang Machinery (HCH) offers baby diaper machines, adult care machines, sanitary napkin machines and a full servo control robot case packer.
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3], melt temperature of about 110[degrees]C] was purchased from Anqing Hexing Chemicals (Anhui Province, China).
degree on Electronic and Information Science and Technology from Anqing Normal University, China in 2012.
That includes 19 companies in Hubei province, 26 firms in Anqing city in the southeastern province of Anhui, two in the capital, Beijing, and 39 in Zhejiang province.
The homozygous seeds of the double recessive GMS line, ms5ms6, of upland cotton, obtained from the Anqing Institute of Cotton, Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China, were sown in pots (5.
Changxiu Shi, School of Education, Anqing Normal College; Xiaojun Zhao, School of Psychology, Shaanxi Normal University.
Locals in Anqing -- who spend up to a decade preparing their coffins -- were only informed of the burial ban in April, two months before the new regulations were due to come into force, the Beijing News said.
Thymelaeaceae) was purchased from Anqing, Anhui Province of China, and authenticated by Professor Ping Li, Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China Pharmaceutical University.
A teenage girl was diagnosed in a hospital in Huaining County, Anqing City on Friday.