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Noun1.Anshar - the Babylonian father of the gods; identified with Assyrian Ashur; in Sumerian the name signifies `the totality of the upper world'
Babylon - the chief city of ancient Mesopotamia and capital of the ancient kingdom of Babylonia
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Indonesian Consul General Zakaria Anshar, who hosted the event, welcomed guests, diplomats and members of the ACGC on the last night of the film festival.
The Ministry of the Interior declared last February that it had foiled a terrorist attack that aimed to explode an oil pipeline in Wadi Anshar, located in Sirwah area, Marib province.
SCTV: Yeni Anshar, Soemijato Muin, Cut Intan Pramadhi
But then almost immediately after this, the god Ea reports Tiamat's preparations to his father Anshar (II:11-48).