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Relating to or suggestive of Antaeus.
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Antaean Binchey, connected to roots and absorbed with a female, pagan, earth-orientated rural and mythological order, is dispossessed and expelled from home.
It has been observed more than once that the whole of human history proves to be rooted in the earth, but it is Americans who are believed to be peculiarly Antaean, or geotropic, they expect daily to be shown tangible matter so that they might come directly into contact with it: "the solid earth
Quincy, MA, and Antaean Solutions, LLC, Dallas, TX.
Shawmut and Antaean professionals, working in tandem with our consultants, expand the resources and expertise we offer our clients for an even-better end result.
Randy Ripple, a principal in Antaean Solutions, is also pleased with the success of their partnership with CogniSource.