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n.1.(Rhet.) A figure which consists in answering the charge of an adversary, by a counter charge.
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In a chapter on "Oratorical Voice" in Faulkner, Ross identifies "balanced compounds" as a key device, along with antanagoge, expeditio, and anaphora, in Faulkner's oratorical style (especially in Absalom, Absalom
Forms of negation are found everywhere in the text--nothusband, undefeat, and the like--which, like compressed units of antanagoge or metanoia, deny a meaning they simultaneously assert.
For instance, up to now I have counted twenty-three types of devices of balance, including antanagoge, three kinds of doublets (antithetic, pleonastic and range), triplets (and other kinds of seriation), antimetabole, inclusio, and palindrome.
Antanagoge can be compared to two other devices - antisagoge and compensatio - which involve a weighing, a balancing, a compensatory antithesis.