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 (ăn′tə-năn′ə-rē′vō, än′tə-nä′nə-)
The capital and largest city of Madagascar, in the east-central part of the country. It was founded in the 17th century as a walled citadel. The city is also known by its French name, Tananarive.


(Placename) the capital of Madagascar, on the central plateau: founded in the 17th century by a Hova chief; university (1961). Pop: 1 808 000 (2005 est). Former name: Tananarive


(ˌɑn təˌnɑ nəˈri voʊ, ˌæn təˌnæn ə-)

the capital of Madagascar, in the central part. 1,250,000. Formerly, Tananarive.
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Noun1.Antananarivo - the capital and largest city of MadagascarAntananarivo - the capital and largest city of Madagascar
Madagascar, Malagasy Republic, Republic of Madagascar - a republic on the island of Madagascar; achieved independence from France in 1960
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All of the proposed power plants are outside the capital city of Antananarivo in Tsimiroro, Mahajanga, Nosy Boraha, Nosy Be, Antsiranana and Toamasina.
Just think - we could check in our bags at Liverpool Airport and pick them up in Antananarivo, or Asuncion, or Sydney.
And, as Nanjala Nyabola reports from Antananarivo, the annual rainy season pushes this city of striking vistas to its limits, exposing both its best and worst aspects.
Il s'agit, notamment de l'ambassadeur extraordinaire et plenipotentiaire de la Republique algerienne democratique et populaire aupres de la Republique des Seychelles, avec residence a Antananarivo, Mokaddem Bafdal.
ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar, Rabi'I 28, 1436, Jan 19, 2015, SPA -- Madagascar officials said at least 14 people were killed over the weekend when the island was battered by a tropical storm, Ap reported.
The WHO warned of the danger of a "rapid spread" of the disease in the capital, Antananarivo, Yahoo News reported.
Geneva: An outbreak of plague has killed 40 people in Madagascar, the World Health Organisation said, warning that the disease could spread rapidly in the country's densely populated capital Antananarivo.
These cases were identified within an ongoing project to document melioidosis in Madagascar conducted by the Pasteur Institute in Antananarivo.
Following news that its first A320 jet would arrive before year-end, the Etihad Airways subsidiary has announced plans to increase its regional operations with new routes to Dar-es-Salaam and Antananarivo.
The continent's first-ever Science Hack Day will be held in Antananarivo, Madagascar, August 9-10 at Habaka, a local innovation hub and business start-up incubator dedicated to advancing the country's efforts in technology through collaboration.
The Welwitschias ease in defeating the Madagascar side 89-10 in Antananarivo on Sunday drew applause from the NFAs Presdient John Muinjo citing hard work and dedication to the squads success.
KFAED said in a statement, Friday, that the highway will link Analanjirofo region, part of Soanierana Ivongo district, with the capital Antananarivo which would greatly improve traffic flow.