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Belonging to the period before a war, especially the American Civil War.

[From Latin ante bellum, before the war : ante, before; see ante- + bellum, war.]


of or during the period before a war, esp the American Civil War: the antebellum South.
[Latin ante bellum, literally: before the war]


(ˈæn tiˈbɛl əm)

before or existing before the war, esp. the American Civil War.
[1860–65; < Latin ante bellum]
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Adj.1.antebellum - belonging to a period before a war especially the American Civil Warantebellum - belonging to a period before a war especially the American Civil War
nonmodern - not modern; of or characteristic of an earlier time


[ˈæntɪˈbeləm] ADJprebélico (particularmente referido a la guerra civil norteamericana)
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This debut collection features tales that leap across time, class and place, from a 16th-century English monastery to the antebellum South to present-day, inner-city Philadelphia.
Much of her material comes from small town communities and individual migrants in the antebellum South and West, she says, but she includes Jews from all regions across six decades and those who moved constantly as well as those who moved rarely.
Aster lives in the lowdeck slums of the HSS Matilda, a space vessel organized much like the antebellum South.
Ghosts centers on Aster, a withdrawn, obsessive, and misunderstood young woman who lives aboard the spaceship HSS Matilda, which is politically stratified much like the antebellum South.
The author of this study examines so-called "slave-slave" violence in the antebellum South.
Information on prohibition dance caves, the association between the mint julep and the Antebellum South, or why New Orleans can be considered the center of Southern cocktail making fill the pages of this luscious book.
Though several states prior to the Civil War did not have well organized, properly funded forms of legitimate, "schoolhouse" instruction, research has been published that depicts the antebellum South as playing host to a variety of educational entities, academies, colleges, and the like.
In Whitehead's razor-sharp imagining of the antebellum South, the Underground Railroad has assumed a physical form: a dilapidated box car pulled along subterranean tracks by a steam locomotive, picking up fugitives wherever it can.
Critique: Chapters examine insurrections aboard slave ships, in colonial America, and in the antebellum South, as well as the modern-day effort to reclassify American slave revolts.
Intellectual Manhood: University, Self, and Society in the Antebellum South, by Timothy J.
The perfect anodyne for those who attempt to bestow a nostalgic aurea over the antebellum south with respect to the institution of slavery, it should be noted for personal reading lists that "When Owing a Shilling Costs a Dollar" is also available in a Kindle edition ($3.
The song, originally penned in 1859 for a minstrel show and later popularized as the Confederate anthem during the Civil War, longingly recalls the antebellum South.