antenuptial agreement

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an·te·nup·tial agreement

 (ăn′tə-nŭp′shəl, -chəl)
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2d DCA 1996) (applying secular contract principles to the parties' sadaq and holding that the religious antenuptial agreement was valid and enforceable where there was sufficient consideration and a proverbial meeting of the minds).
See Comment, Marriage as Contract and Marriage as Partnership: The Future of Antenuptial Agreement Law, 116 HARV.
A prenuptial or antenuptial agreement is a document signed by two people who intend to be married, defining their rights and obligations if and when they get divorced.
The Seventh Circuit also noted that previous courts had concluded that payments made under an antenuptial agreement or Marvin-type palimony payments are generally gifts, rather than taxable income.
1983), which involved an antenuptial agreement, the Florida Third District Court of Appeal acknowledged that a general waiver of "all rights"