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Noun1.abdominal wall - a wall of the abdomenabdominal wall - a wall of the abdomen    
abdomen, belly, stomach, venter - the region of the body of a vertebrate between the thorax and the pelvis
paries, wall - (anatomy) a layer (a lining or membrane) that encloses a structure; "stomach walls"
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In more advanced pregnancies, MR optimally demonstrates findings of placenta accreta spectrum, which may include thinning or absence of the subplacental myometrium, aberrant vessels, focal bulging of the uterine contour, and invasion of the urinary bladder or anterior abdominal wall.
The cause of the omphalocele in our case may be the valproic acid, as it has been associated with many cases of anterior abdominal wall defect, and two cases of giant omphalocele (Boussemart et al.
Postoperatively, 1 month later, she reported discharge through port site and fever, suggesting a possible colocutaneous fistula in the anterior abdominal wall.
We are presenting a 53-year-old female patient with diabetes mellitus and a severe infection of the anterior abdominal wall resulting from a vulval infection.
We considered that the fixed mass was inoperable; it included all layers of the umbilical wall and extended from umbilicus to the upper anterior abdominal wall with massive adhesions.
Caption: Figure 1: Gross specimen: Anterior abdominal wall mass with adipose tissue, cut section shows cyst like spaces grayish white in color
Findings at surgery were minimal ascites and a massive twisted left ovarian cystic mass that adhered to the anterior abdominal wall, measuring 62 cm at its widest diameter, and weighing ~55 kg with a thick smooth wall without excrescences on the surface (Fig.
I present the case of old age man, who presented with pain right side of the abdomen with huge anterior abdominal wall swelling, along with loose motion.
The lesion had a bony-hard shell and was rounded in shape and yellowish in color, arising at the midline of the anterior abdominal wall about 8 cm caudal to the level of the umbilicus.
The mass in the anterior abdominal wall represented hepatocellular carcinoma seeding of tumor and omentum biopsy revealed that it was hepatocellular carcinoma metastasis.
In group A Uterus was drawn from the pelvis to rest on the anterior abdominal wall so that the uterine incision can clearly be visualized.
The patient is then asked to tense his or her anterior abdominal wall muscles by raising his or her shoulders from the bed.

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