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 (ăn′thō-sī′ə-nĭn) also an·tho·cy·an (-sī′ən, -ăn′)
Any of various flavonoid glycoside pigments that impart red, purple, and blue colors to plant parts and are found in berries and other fruits, red wine, and certain vegetables.


(ˌænθəʊˈsaɪənɪn) or


(Biochemistry) any of a class of water-soluble glycosidic pigments, esp those responsible for the red and blue colours in flowers. They are closely related to vitamins E and P
[C19: from antho- + -cyanin, from Greek kuanos dark blue]


(ˌæn θəˈsaɪ ə nɪn)

also an•tho•cy•an

(-ˈsaɪ ən)

any of a class of water-soluble pigments that give flowers the colors ranging from red to blue.
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Red onions contain anti-cancer compounds, including anthocyanins, which give the red variety their colour.
As sugars are commonly used in these products, the influence of phenolics and sugars on anthocyanins and antioxidant activity was investigated by Croatian scientists.
Anthocyanins give the color to many fruits, like blueberries and black raspberries.
The expression of floral color was primarily determined by the production of pigments, especially by flavonoids which included anthocyanins and anthoxanthins (Zhao and Tao, 2015).
Berries contain bioactive natural pigments called anthocyanins.
Archer Daniels Midland Company today introduced a new line of unique extracts that can deliver a concentrated dose of the powerful antioxidant compounds beta-carotene and anthocyanins in a variety of food, beverage and supplement applications.
The cherry juice was produced by a novel method designed to retain the anthocyanins.
Red wine color primarily results when anthocyanins present in the skins of red grapes are extracted while the skins remain in contact with the fermenting juice.
Rabbiteye blueberries (Vaccinium ashei) are used as endogenous antioxidant defense ingredients in the modern health-conscious food industry, due to their significant levels of anthocyanins, phenolic acids, and vitamins [2,3].
3 It contains anthocyanins - and it's these that give rice its colour along with blueberries and other dark fruit and veg.
has entered an exclusive worldwide license and supply agreement for patent-pending Suntava purple com, which is derived from a proprietary non-GMO hybrid that contains a high level of anthocyanins.