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Great change is upon us, and Thinking Continental is an important testimony to the emerging Anthropocene.
The proceedings present 14 papers on such topics as environmental impacts of colonial dynamics from 1400 to 1800: the first global age and the Anthropocene, Africa and the Anthropocene, forests and a new energy economy in 19th-century South India, the development of energy-conservation technology in Japan 1920-70: an analysis of energy-intensive industries and energy-conservation policies, and the present climate of economics and history.
In the age we live in, now called the Anthropocene, mankind's impact on our fragile planet has been as consequential as natural catastrophes - volcanoes, hurricanes and even tsunamis.
The Edge of the Earth: Climate Change" in Photography and Video explores recent and historic work in the context of present-day environmental concerns, considering the future consequences of the age of the anthropocene, and humanity's harsh imprint on our planet.
This year's theme was ANTHROPOCENE - Welcome to the Age of Humans -- agriculture, trade, transportation, and industry: As long as humans have existed we have been utilizing and altering our environment.
This is just the beginning of our journey into the Anthropocene era - the age of humans.
According to geologists, the impact of humans on the shape of our planet has reached the point where a new geological era is discernable, namely the Anthropocene.
As we go into this new geological epic, the Anthropocene, we're not talking about a continuation of trends of environmental damage that we all know about.
This new book reads as a self-help guide for a generation of (very) smart ecowarriors not sure what to make of the new geological era that scientists have christened the Anthropocene.
In her lifetime the collapse of the salmon fishery at Ti'lomikh Falls became symbolic of what is now called the Anthropocene Extinction.
Our planet has entered a new geological era which environmentalist Bill McKibben has coined as the Anthropocene era.
Before, we were talking about the Anthropocene in a metaphorical way," says Christian SchwEngerl, a journalist and author of The Anthropocene: The Human Era and How It Shapes Our Planet.