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(Placename) a mountain range running north and south between Syria and Lebanon, east of the Lebanon Mountains. Highest peak: Mount Hermon, 2814 m (9232 ft)


(ˌæn tiˈlɛb ə nən)

a mountain range in SW Asia, between Syria and Lebanon, E of the Lebanon Mountains.
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During the meeting, King Abdullah congratulated his Lebanese counterpart on "the liberation of the Anti-Lebanon region from terrorists, confirming Jordan's support for Lebanon and its political, military, and security institutions.
Arsal is 316 square meters area and situated on the slopes of the Anti-Lebanon mountains.
For the Kataeb Party there are two main substitutes for the garbage plan -- using a remote piece of land in the Anti-Lebanon Mountains and decentralizing waste management.
Summary: The sun is rising over the Anti-Lebanon mountain range that borders Syria.
The Upper Eocene and Oligocene were the times of uplift of the coastal mountains of Lebanon and Syria, as well as much of anti-Lebanon and the Syrian interior.
He began his own fieldwork in the mid-1980s, initially in Bahrain and subsequently in the Anti-Lebanon Mountains of Syria, long before the current vogue of "language documentation" was stimulated by the impending extinction of most of the world's languages.
With the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon shortly after Hariri's assassination and with the establishment of the March 14 political bloc headed by Saad, the murdered politician's son, the majority of the approximately one million workers accompanied Syria's army east over the Anti-Lebanon mountain range back home, fearing for their lives.
For the sake of convenience, the boundaries were defined by the geographical features of the Nahr al-Kabir in the north and the peaks of the Anti-Lebanon Mountain Range and Mount Hermon in the east.
Anti-Lebanon war demonstrators outside could be heard chanting: "Blair is a murderer" during the service.
That may be true of Beirut, but Lebanon itself begins in the Anti-Lebanon mountains, miles before you reach the Biqaa.
Approaching Damascus from the coastal highway, you travel beside the Barada ("Cold") River tumbling down from the Anti-Lebanon Mountains.