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n.1.Opposition to imperialism.
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The reasons for the then ruling Congress party's outward dislike for Israel were two-fold: its anti-colonialist antecedents, and its reliance on the political support of India's massive Muslim community.
He pictured the village's E D Morel Terrace, named after the Labour politician, anti-colonialist and staunch opponent of the First World War and Marx Terrace, after Karl Marx who published his Communist Manifesto in 1848.
As Ahmed Maulevi, an Indian anti-colonialist of the 19th century, said, "for an industrialist in Lancaster to become rich, half a million people in India must die of starvation.
The anti-colonialist fighters received widespread support from the people because of persistent rumors that the Spanish were going to reintroduce slavery.
To what extent do unions argue with and challenge governments in the name of the collective political interests of the larger working class and progressive social partners (like environmental activists, the indigenous anti-colonialist movement, anti-racism, etc)?
A considerable part of Egypt's nationalist and anti-colonialist heritage and literature considers judges as part of the establishment of the modern Egyptian state, and the leaders of modernisation and enlightenment in the country.
Nic Dhiarmada suggests that the Irish Rising, its ideals, and the subsequent election of members of the nationalist movement to prominent government offices were instrumental to the later creation of the sovereign Republic of Ireland, as well as an inspiration to anti-colonialist insurrections elsewhere in the world.
The presence of regulated prostitution in the US-occupied Philippines only came to the attention of the American public through the efforts of journalists in the anti-colonialist, social purity, and suffragist presses, who saw in the practice a risk of miscegenation and immigration that would pollute the US population, disease that would weaken the US military, and sexual license that would soil US morality, among other concerns.
Yet scholarly interest in George Padmore has, until the last decade or so, remained distinctly marginal, with over forty years separating the only two volumes solely dedicated to this towering anti-colonialist, James Hooker's 1967 biography Black Revolutionary and Fitzroy Baptiste and Rupert Lewis's 2009 edited collection, George Padmore: Pan-African Revolutionary.
Sheikh Nimr played an important role in uniting Muslims and the US and Israel feared his anti-colonialist activities," Abbas Jafari said.
His support for a Palestinian state has nothing to do with Netanyahu, occupation or the Palestinian people, rather it is in sync with his anti-colonialist worldview which pervades his policy -- from removing a bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office, renaming a mountain in Alaska named after President McKinley to Denali, and allowing the mullahs to brutally subdue a legitimate uprising in Iran.
For example, what about the anti-colonialist rhetoric that springs from earlier experiences in Algeria and Tunisia that still affects French Muslim youths?