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n.1.One of party opposed to a federative government; - applied particularly to the party which opposed the adoption of the constitution of the United States.
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Just ten days after the Constitution was signed, its opponents began publishing Anti-Federalist essays intended to stoke opposition and waylay ratification.
234) Anti-Federalist fears about unenumerated rights, it
Advocates of a consolidated national union are taken as advancing rational arguments based on pure motives, against their Anti-Federalist, and later Republican, opponents, who argued erroneously, ignorantly, and even disingenuously.
Both the Federalists proponents and Anti-Federalist opponents were part of the Revolutionary War generation that believed that independence was necessary for the protection of the rights of free men.
She profiles the main players, but also the lesser known figures such as George Mason, who refused to sign the Constitution, and poet and playwright Mercy Otis Warren, an anti-federalist writer.
Robert Yates, an Anti-Federalist from New York, was appointed to the
Many classical liberals and libertarians today reserve their highest accolades for Jefferson and his anti-Federalist allies (especially Madison), (4) while misrepresenting Hamilton (and thus to a related, but lesser extent, Washington) as a mercantilist, a statist, and an imperialist.
Which is why I am dismayed that members of the European Parliament like Dr Eleni Theocharous have allowed their anti-federalist sentiments to get the better of them causing them to adopt the stance of racist parties such as ELAM and EDEK on the Cyprus talks, rather than that of the EU in whose parliament they thrive and prosper.
Few Federalist candidates were elected to the state ratifying convention, and the change of heart among the elected Anti-Federalist delegates is best explained by events following the delegates' election.
The Anti-Federalist Papers were written by leading Anti-Federalists and provided a counter to the Federalist Papers.
15, he segues from urging Federalist arguments for consolidation to address anti-Federalist speculations against it.
Only three other governors have spent more consecutive time in office than Perry: Rhode Island Anti-Federalist Arthur Fenner (1790-1805); Maryland Democrat Albert Ritchie (1920-1935); and New York Republican Nelson Rockefeller (1959-1973).