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n.1.Opposition to imperialism.
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Indian post-independence foreign policy revolved around anti-imperialism, whereas Israel was supposed to be under the tutelage of imperialist powers.
He pointed to the age-old relations between Tehran and Havana, and said that the two countries have worked hard to boost their cooperation in the field of anti-Imperialism cooperation.
For the Soviets, "the cause of replacing capitalism with socialism would always remain their top priority, and anti-imperialism mattered insofar as it served that greater purpose.
It's a curious thing: historians who think of themselves as dispassionate become downright evangelical when it comes to anti-imperialism.
Later developments were equally shaped by the international context - the gradual crushing of the South Arabian revolutions by the newly enriched conservative monarchical states, and their allies, the rise from the late 1970s of an alternative form of social radicalism and anti-imperialism in the form of Islamism, and, from the mid-1980s onwards, the decline of the Cold War and the ending of Soviet support, material and ideological, for Third World movements.
Resistance to the Spanish-American and Philippine Wars: Anti-Imperialism and the Role of the Press, 1895-1902
With the dream and the immortal soul of those who 206 years ago left us signed and sealed the eternal destiny of Venezuela, which is none other than absolute Independence, rebellious Sovereignty, anti-imperialism and military civic union.
When it comes to assessing attitudes towards Roman imperialism and potential allusions to imperial violence within fictional (or semi-fictional) literature, such as the Greek novels and apocryphal Acts, certain scholars tend to develop a picture of anti-imperialism or tension with Roman power.
It's the story of a European century and all of the politics, history and culture that comes along with it, including communism, fascism, feminism and anti-imperialism.
The allegation was made in a newspaper article on Saturday in which the former adviser, Joshua Simons, wrote, "After six months working as a policy adviser for Jeremy Corbyn, it was clear to me that the way Corbyn and those around him think about Jewish people is shaped by a frenetic anti-imperialism, focused on Israel and America.
years facilitated the development of a functional anti-imperialism that