a.1.Opposed to the constitution; unconstitutional.
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The contribution of Democracy in Chains, then, is to do two things, numbers 3 and 4 in the previous list: identify James Buchanan as the focal point of the revolution, and identify the content of public-choice research and teaching as anticonstitutional and antidemocratic.
Mike Pence) (quoting the Exceptions Clause and stating "let us stop with all the conversation about anticonstitutional action being taken"); see 150 Cong.
According to Gillman, Holmes' judicial philosophy was "almost anticonstitutional in its commitment to legislative supremacy and the sovereignty of elected officials.
In Ciudad Juarez many have protested Leyzaola's methods as anticonstitutional and as following the extrajudicial 'ley de Leyzaola' (Leyzaola law) (Castanon and Dominguez, 2012; Murillo, 2012).
It is remarkable that this is the first attack that has been made upon the authority of the secretaries of state, and will abolish the dangerous practice of issuing general and anticonstitutional warrants.
It's discriminatory and anticonstitutional," says Norma Gonzalez, a former Mexican-American Studies teacher with TUSD and the founder of a campaign against the law through Change.
Over the course of taking his classes the next four years, however, I learned about Christian principles and constitutional thought, shattering some pop-con idols while raising up the statues of great men toppled by un-Christian and anticonstitutional victors, whether on the battlefields of the 19th century or within the classrooms and courts of the 20th.
Foreign reinsurance companies have joined forces in a common pressure group, which seeks more concessions from the government as parts of the current legislation are considered anticonstitutional.
maintaining the anticonstitutional status quo in Guinea" (CRS
385 of the Bishkek local council saying they are anticonstitutional and violate the fundamental human rights to peaceful assemblies.
An official from the Baden-Wuerttemburg OPC commented in a newspaper interview that "we are of the view that Scientology pursues anticonstitutional goals," adding that a ban on the religion was "under discussion.
Thus through this labeling Sinn Fein emerged in the days after the Rising as the focus of anticonstitutional opinion.