Antigua and Barbuda

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Antigua and Barbuda

An·ti·gua and Bar·bu·da

 (ăn-tē′gə; bär-bo͞o′də)
A country in the northern Leeward Islands of the Caribbean Sea, comprising the island of Antigua and the smaller islands of Barbuda and Redonda. Settled by the English in 1632, the country became independent in 1981. St. John's is the capital.

An·ti′guan adj. & n.

Antigua and Barbuda

(Placename) a state in the Caribbean, comprising the islands of Antigua, Barbuda, and Redonda: gained independence in 1981: a member of the Commonwealth. Official language: English. Religion: Christian majority. Currency: East Caribbean dollar. Capital: St John's. Pop: 90 156 (2013 est). Area: 442 sq km (171 sq miles)

Anti′gua and Barbu′da

an island state in the E West Indies, comprising Antigua, Barbuda, and a smaller island: formerly a British crown colony; gained independence 1981. 64,246; 171 sq. mi. (442 sq. km). Cap.: St. John's.
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Noun1.Antigua and Barbuda - a country in the northern Leeward Islands
OAS, Organization of American States - an association including most countries in the western hemisphere; created in 1948 to promote military and economic and social and cultural cooperation
Caribbean - region including the Caribbean Islands
Antigua - the largest of the islands comprising Antigua and Barbuda
Barbuda - an island in Antigua and Barbuda
Redonda - an island in Antigua and Barbuda
capital of Antigua and Barbuda, Saint John's, St. John's - the capital and largest city of Antigua and Barbuda; located on the island of Antigua
Leeward Islands - a group of islands in the eastern West Indies
Антигуа и Барбуда
Antigua a Barbuda
Antigua og Barbuda
Antigua und Barbuda
Antigua ja Barbuda
Antigua ja Barbuda
Antigva i Barbuda
Antigua és Barbuda
Antigva ir Barbuda
Antigua og Barbuda
Antigua i Barbuda
Antígua e Barbuda
Antigua a Barbuda
Antigva in Barbuda
Antigua och Barbuda
Antigua ve Barbuda