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a.1.Pertaining to Antiochus, a contemporary with Cicero, and the founder of a sect of philosophers.
2.Of or pertaining to the city of Antioch, in Syria.
Antiochian epoch
(Chron.) a method of computing time, from the proclamation of liberty granted to the city of Antioch, about the time of the battle of Pharsalia, B.C. 48.
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In a letter to The Antiochian (student newspaper) printed 6 June 1935, faculty member George W.
The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) joined yesterday in a White House briefing between senior Obama Administration officials and leaders of the Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac Armenian, and Antiochian communities, to discuss the security of Christians in the Middle East.
The experienced clergy, scholars, and theologians contributing to this volume come from a wide variety of Orthodox Christian communities present in North America, including the Orthodox Church in America, the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, and the Antiochian, Greek, and Serbian Orthodox Archdioceses of America.
Continuing with their mission of reviving the partnership between HCEF and the Orthodox Antiochian churches, Sir Rateb and Lady Rocio met with MonseEor Sergio Abad, Head of the Orthodox Church in Santiago and HCEF Advisory Board Member.
There are five Eastern "rites": Alexandrian, Antiochian, Armenian, Chaldean and Byzantine.
James's Jerusalem or Paul's Antiochian versions of the primitive church; later Greek or Russian Orthodoxy; Lutheran or Reformed Protestantism; Roman or Anglican Catholicism; Anabaptist or Baptist Protestantism; Pentecostal or Charismatic movements) has a certain unity in its vision of God's presence and activity; but there is also a great deal of disagreement both within each family and between the various families.
Gillquist's search for the true New Testament church led him first to establish an independent "Orthodox" church in 1979 (110) and eventually to seek full communion with the Eastern Orthodox Church under the aegis of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of North America in 1987 (125).
Metropolitan Joseph Zahlawi, Archbishop of New York and All North America of the Antiochian Orthodox Church stressed that the "creative chaos" being internationally imported to Syria is unacceptable, calling on the Syrians to stick firmly to their land and national principles.
Saliba, who was the primate of the Antiochian Diocese of North America, 83, died on March 20.
Andrew's Antiochian Orthodox Church in Riverside, California, in A Second Look at the Second Coming, saw Old Testament sacrifices as prophetic images of Christ's.
In 1987, the entire church community converted to Orthodox Christianity, and entered the Antiochian Orthodox Church.