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 (ăn-tĭp′ə-tər) 398?-319 bc.
Macedonian general and regent (334-323) who governed the empire during Alexander the Great's military campaigns. He served again as regent in 321 to 319.


(Biography) ?398–319 bc, Macedonian general under Alexander the Great: regent of Macedon (334–323)


(ænˈtɪp ə tər)

398?–319 B.C., Macedonian statesman and general: regent of Macedonia 334–323.
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What raised Antipater the Edomite, And his son Herod placed on Juda's throne, Thy throne, but gold, that got him puissant friends?
It also tells how twelve Magi including the "three wise men" Melchior the Iranian Shah, Gudapharasa King of India and Balthazar King of Arabia evaded the brutal forces of Hordos Antipater to witness Jesus's birth.
He calls both Herod the Great and Herod Antipas Jews, but the mother of the former was a Nabataean, and the mother of the latter a Samaritan; and their Idumean blood from grandfather Herod Antipater made Jews deeply suspicious of them.
Therefore, during that month, the following had to occur: (a) Herod became sick and died of a horrible wasting disease, but not before (b) being taken to warm baths and treated; (c) executing his son Herod Antipater after also having made him co-regent (causing a bemused Caesar Augustus to observe that it was better to be Herod's pig than his son, since Jews do not kill or eat pigs); (d) dying and being buried after a magnificent funeral which needed days to prepare; (e) this was followed by a seven-day mourning period and (f) followed by yet another mourning period for those whom Herod had executed before the eclipse.
Plutarch mentions Onesicritus as one of a host of authors who relate a meeting between Alexander and the queen of the Amazons, which Plutarch himself characteristically rejects in favour of a letter of Alexander to Antipater, in which Alexander tells of an offer by the Scythian king to marry his daughter but omits any mention of the Amazon (46.
A new procurator is named for the entire Palestine, namely Antipater who will begin to reconstruct Jerusalem (8).
Bosworth (1971: 115-16), suggested that this pamphlet was written to serve Perdiccas's purposes after the break with Antipater in 321 BC; but Heckel (1988) argues that it was produced in Polyperchon's circle, probably by Holkias, and not before about mid-317, as part of a campaign to discredit Cassander and Antigonus.
According to Hosny, the underwater museum will be of equal value to the city's once Great Lighthouse, identified as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World by Antipater of Sidon.
39] This question is debated by Antipater of Sidon and Diogenes of Babylon in the third book of Cicero's On Duties.
The originals wonders were selected by ancient Greek writer Antipater of Sidon but the modern version is the brainchild of Swiss-Canadian adventurer Bernard Weber.
Two valuable appendices provide the Greek text and translation of Antipater of Tarsus, On marriage (SVF 3.