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Peter from ninth-century Rome and Francia to thirteenth-century Peterborough where they appeared in an antiphoner at the Benedictine abbey there.
The final chapter, by Barbara Haagh, fittingly discusses the influence of neumes, square notation and mensural notation in the manuscripts and printed antiphoner of Cambrai Cathedral, suggesting that scribes could be 'musically bilingual' or even 'trilingual' and were fully capable of copying both chant and polyphony.
Of special interest here are the extended discussions of two works with considerable plainchant notation, the Bangor Pontifical and the Penpont Antiphoner.
In it, he specifically mentions Beauvais at the end of his tirade: "take the Rheims antiphoner and compare it with that of Beauvais or Amiens, or the antiphoner of Soissons, more or less next door: if you find a similarity, say Thanks be to God
Dr Harper's journey began at Aberystwyth's National Library of Wales where she was granted access to the remarkable early 14th century manuscript - called the Penpont Antiphoner - which contained the Office of Saint David.
He then posits that it is possible to extract with near precision the eighth-century Roman Mass antiphoner from late Roman graduals (133).
In her last chaper Davis interestingly pursues these associations further by bringing into play the new evidence of a rare metrical sequence `Quem non praevalent' incorporated into the liturgy for Epiphany in the Gottschalk Antiphoner, and further exploring the significance of the pictorial and liturgical expression of political attitudes for Gottschalk's generation.
Levy reprints and translates a letter written by Louis's archchaplain Helisachar to describe his work editing an antiphoner.
The antiphoner portion of the book, copied in the eleventh century, appears to be a record of this powerful monastery's unusual liturgy prior to the reform instituted by Cluny in 1062 at the request of the town's ruler.
Words from Bangor Antiphoner, trans, by John Mason Neale.
Bonnie Blackburn for reminding me of Girolamo Malipiero's 1543 letter to Giovanni del Lago, in which the former asks Del Lago to review the newly composed materials added to the publication of Giunta's new editions of the Roman gradual (1544) and antiphoner (1545); Malipiero also mentioned Willaert's name in this regard.
Only twelve extant volumes, comprising eleven Mass antiphoners and one Office antiphoner, originated in the period spanning the last two quarters of the fifteenth century (XV/3-4) and the first quarter of the sixteenth century (XVI/1).