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A city of southeast France on the Riviera between Nice and Cannes. A seaport and fashionable resort, it is the center of one of Europe's largest flower-growing regions.


(French ɑ̃tib)
(Placename) a port and resort in SE France, on the Mediterranean: an important Roman town. Pop: 76 925 (2006)



a seaport in SE France, SW of Nice: preserved ruins of 4th-century B.C. Roman town. 56,309.
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Contract notice: Providing personal protection for the staff of the sophia antipolis agglomeration community.
MANAMA: Kuwait Finance House -- Bahrain announced the successful completion of the ninth Annual Bahrain Sophia Antipolis Mentorship Programme upon the return of the participants from France.
Sophia Antipolis is the largest corporate-funded facility in the world dedicated to dermatology.
Twelve Bahraini students have completed a mentorship programme in Sophia Antipolis, France.
Summary: Underscoring their commitment to enhancing opportunities for Bahraini students, KFH-Bahrain in association with InJaz Bahrain organises the 4th Annual Bahrain Sophia Antipolis Mentorship Programme.
Nouveau Marche: NICOX), Sophia Antipolis, France, has announced that it is to reacquire full rights to the new proprietary class of anti-inflammatory and analgesic compounds, CINOD, from AstraZeneca plc, including the two lead compounds in the class, AZD3582 and AZD4717.
NuSil Technology, Carpinteria, CA, announced the relocation of its European Technical Center from Arklow, Ireland to Sophia Antipolis near Nice, France.
Apache Design Solutions, the technology leader in power integrity and noise closure for chip-package-systems (CPS) convergence, along with Texas Instruments, Cadence, Insight SiP and Amkor will present a technical panel discussion on the topic of Advanced Packaging Technology at the Sophia Antipolis Microelectronics Forum on October 6th, 2010.
Kuwait Finance House-Bahrain (KFH), in association with InJaz, organised the 4th Annual Bahrain Sophia Antipolis Mentorship Programme, as part of its commitment to enhancing opportunities for Bahraini students.
Kuwait Finance House-Bahrain has signed a long-term agreement with the Sophia Antipolis Science and Technology Park, in the south of France, to continue its sponsorship of the scheme.
It will be based in the Sophia Antipolis science park, a high-tech center 20 miles outside of Nice, France.
Medioni was a visiting scientist at INRIA Sophia Antipolis in 1993 and Chief Technical Officer of Geometrix, Inc.