Anthony of Padua

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Anthony of Pad·u·a

 (păj′o͞o-ə, păd′yo͞o-ə), Saint 1195-1231.
Portuguese-born Franciscan friar who was a renowned preacher.

Anthony of Padua

(Biography) Saint. 1195–1231, Franciscan friar, who preached in France and Italy. Feast day: June 13

An′tho•ny of Pad′ua

(ˈæn tə ni, -θə-)
1195–1231, Franciscan monk and preacher in Italy and France.
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The latter element brings austere and solemn, but never somnolent, works dedicated to St Francis and St Antony of Padua, both for unaccompanied male voices, and a setting of the Ave verum corpus.
As well as services at Chirton House, Betty is supported by carers from St Antony of Padua who help with everyday cooking, cleaning and dressing.
Speaking at a Stroke support group, at St Antony of Padua Church, in Mossley Hill, she said: ``I want other young people to be aware that a stroke can affect anyone of any age, not just the elderly.