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 (ăn′zē-ō, än′tsyō)
A town of central Italy on the Tyrrhenian Sea south-southeast of Rome. In World War II Allied troops landed at Anzio on January 22, 1944.


(ˈænzɪˌəʊ; Italian ˈantsjo)
(Placename) a port and resort on the W coast of Italy: site of Allied landings in World War II. Pop: 36 952 (2001)


(ˈæn ziˌoʊ)

a port in Italy, S of Rome on the Tyrrhenian coast: site of Allied beachhead in World War II. 27,094.
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Noun1.Anzio - a town of central Italy on the Tyrrhenian SeaAnzio - a town of central Italy on the Tyrrhenian Sea; the Allies established a beachhead at Anzio in World War II
Italia, Italian Republic, Italy - a republic in southern Europe on the Italian Peninsula; was the core of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire between the 4th century BC and the 5th century AD
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reporter for abc-27 television, spent a day with Chef Harants and Chef Charlie Gipe--Hershey Giant Center's corporate chef--on Anzio.
She was a member of the Army Nurse Corps, caring for American wounded from Anzio, when a German plane struck the vessel with a bomb.
Learner Entitlement: My Learning Matters will be held tomorrow at the Royal Marines Reserve Tyne, Anzio House, Quayside, Newcastle.
However, for the soldiers who landed on the beaches at Salerno and Anzio and engaged in combat in the mountains around Monte Cassino, it proved to be a desperate and campaign.
From the Salerno landings to the Anzio beachhead, the young soldier was sorely tested.
An amphibious landing some 45 miles behind the German lines at Anzio, on 22 January, went sour due to a distracted US Gen John Lucas.
Ladbrokes prices: 8-1 Coastal Bluff; 14 Double Splendour, Options Open; 16 Astrac, Double Bounce, Prince Babar, Samwar, Wildwood Flower; 20 Don't Care, Musical Sunset, Royale Figurine 25 Anzio, Best Before Dawn, Bollin Joanne, Bolshoi, Cyrano's Lad, For The Present, Law Commission, Leap For Joy, Lunar Mist, Madly Sharp, Sea Deer, Selhurst Park Flyer, Sir Joey, Tedburrow.
Principal campaigns and battles: North Africa (1942-1943); Kasserine Pass (Qasserine) (1943); Italian campaign (1943-1945); Anzio, Rome (1944); northern France and Germany (1944-1945); Battle of the Bulge (Bastogne) (1944-1945).
The dramatic overhaul is being put in place as the Royal Naval Reserve Training Unit and the Royal Marines Reserve Unit, formerly based on the other side of the river at Anzio House, merge facilities for the first time.
Lot 5: Section Via del Mare, Via Ostiense, Via della Scafa Ostia, Anzio South.
There was five of us on foot patrol in Anzio and we were aware a German sniper was about," Mr Cooper explained.
He was an extremely proud and highly decorated World War II US Navy veteran, having fought in the Battle of Normandy, Anzio and Okinawa.