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Noun1.Aengus - Celtic god of love and beauty; patron deity of young men and women
Emerald Isle, Hibernia, Ireland - an island comprising the republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
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Louis Mulqueen remains in situ as a selector but Aonghus O'Brien has been added as a coach, with Cusack introduced as a coach and selector.
Ruskin Mill Trust can trace its roots back 50 years when Robin and Barbara Gordon moved their young sons Aonghus and Alasdair from the Ruskin Centre for Art Appreciation in Venice to a dilapidated former textile mill in Gloucestershire in 1967.
Guest narrator: Aonghus McAnally with special guest Meav and live shadow puppet animation by Matthew Robins.
By using the verb 'meall' ('deceive, trick, entice'), associated with betrayed womanhood, sixteenth-century poets such as Aonghus mac Doighre O Dalaigh, Tadhg Dall O hUiginn and Uilliam Og Mac an Bhaird signal that English promises are as empty as those of a wooing lothario, and show that questions of homosocial alliance, commonly figured in terms of male-female love or betrayal, are understood to be at issue.
He beat Ireland's Aonghus McAnally 384-122, recorded a 248-171 victory over Rodney Goggins from Ireland then defeated 14-yearold Liam Crossling-Kelly from Hartlepool 434-78, and enjoyed a 366-115 win over Derek O'Neill.
In August 1986, Aonghus Murphy, an Irish lieutenant, was killed when a powerful roadside bomb exploded beside him on a track near the village of Tiri.
We were biggest on Kilkenny for much of the year and were quite short on Tipperary all year long," said Paddy Power's Aonghus Mulvihill.
One couple, Aonghus and Karen Morrison, of Nitshill, Glasgow, described their stay as a living nightmare.
Samara Downs, Kit Holder, Aonghus Hoole, Jenny Murphy, Glyn Scott, Nathanael Skelton and Kosuke Yamamoto have created pieces set to the music of Igor Stravinsky.
19) Aonghus Dubh O Dalaigh's amhran raucously celebrates this raid; but, amid the unfocused exultation, two images intrude: "no survivor of the slaughter was left without bone-cutting," and we see "the head of the warden in the shadow of the spike.
Ardal O'Hanlon, Barry Murphy, Aonghus McAnally, Alex Lyons, Dermot Carmody, Sue Collins, Brendan Burke and Eddie himself will all perform at Vicar Street on Friday.
Using Siebel Service 7, MidMarket Edition, we will be able to manage a significantly greater number of service inquiries, to a higher standard, using the same number of staff, which will positively impact our sales performance," says Aonghus O'Carroll, Distribution Manager, Roxar Software Solutions.