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v. t. & i.1.To impair or become impaired; to injure.
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APAIR of North East entrepreneurs who created a platform to fight online bullying have been named in a list of Europe's best young entrepreneurs.
APAIR of vicious robbers who threatened supermarket workers with a knife and machete have been jailed.
We meet Peter, who is 17, and can't imagine doing anything else, apair of two-year-old twins, Esmerelda and Scarlett, who the stars of the show.
Apair of hair-raising whodunits aimed at bibliophiles are worthy of a top place on your summertime reading list.
APAIR who "literally drove" a young woman to her death and caused her passenger horrific injuries in a city car chase have been jailed.
APAIR of community-spirited residents have been threatened with a council fine.
A topological dynamical system is apair (X, f), where f is acontinuous self map on the topological space X.
APAIR of film-makers from Tuebrook have released a series of eerie images of an abandoned library.
n] (132), and that there are apair of indices i, j with i < j, such that:
Sania and Hingis win title in their first event as apair
The Cambridge driver has already scored apair of third place finishes at Le Mans after making his debut at the French classic in 2012.
What s more, with the new Easy Pants Crease Care feature, apair of pants can be refreshed and perfect crease created in about half an hour.