Apalachee Bay

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Ap′a•lach′ee Bay′

(ˈæp əˈlætʃ i, ˌæp-)
a bay of the Gulf of Mexico, on the coast of NW Florida. ab. 30 mi. (48 km) wide.
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If you're looking for reef fish or pelagics that chase bait over rough bottom, search northern Apalachee Bay.
probatocephalus subspecies from the Atlantic (Florida to North Carolina) and the Gulf of Mexico (Florida and Texas), showed a genetic break at the site of the subspecies boundary at Apalachee Bay, Florida (Seyoum et al.
Over Apalachee Bay I open the vent window and pitch the anchovies.
As per to Frabotta, the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway extends for 1,109 miles from Apalachee Bay, Florida, to Port Isabel Texas, and is ranked as the third inland waterway in the nation regarding commercial tonnage.
Most of the workers are temporary, and they are spread across a stage that stretches from Galveston, Texas, to the Apalachee Bay in Florida.
He describes a north Florida effort to resolve blue-green algae blooms and suspicious runoff in lakes and sinkholes in terms of cultural eutrophication, takes on the results of pulp mills, including invertebrates and submerged vegetation of various configurations in the Apalachee Bay, describes the Pensacola Bay system and its contamination, and examines a sulfite pulp mill restoration process.
The canal connects the port with the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, which links ports along the Gulf of Mexico from Brownsville, TX, to Apalachee Bay, FL.
The modern boat ramp leads straight to Apalachee Bay.
From those points to shore, you're on your own, as the floor of eastern Apalachee Bay is littered with bars and rocky outcrops.
MeriStar Hotels & Resorts (NYSE:MMH), the nation's largest independent hotel management company, today announced that its BridgeStreet Corporate Housing Worldwide subsidiary has expanded its European operations with the acquisition of Paris-based Apalachee Bay Properties.
Marks River flows for a couple of miles until it reaches the wide open spaces of Apalachee Bay and then the Gulf.