n.1.One who is destitute of feeling.
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Best overall and best event - image of La Princess by The Northshore; Best landmark by photonutter; Tour of Britain final circuit, in Liverpool city centre by Mobilevirgin; Best black and white: Biker at Mann Island Ferry Terminal by Community Brother; Highly commended Landmark: Reflections of the Liver Building by jimps123; Best people: Crossroads by Something Wicked This Way Comes; Highly commended event: The Hub Festival by Fanatical Apathist
In real life I am not much a watcher of birds, but their presence and variety in this wilderness is so insistent that even an apathist cannot remain indifferent for long.
A bit farther up the river, and Fanatical Apathist has captured a building which wouldn't look out of place in midwest America.
But for Fanatical Apathist, it has made the subject of a great picture.
What follows is a genuine admission-an invitation, if you like, for other Grand National apathists to come out of the closet and confess they don't feel anything much for it either-and if you don't really fancy such heresy on another dark
No, not against the monarchists; Australia's apathists inevitably won after the third force blinked.