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 (ā′fĭs, ăf′ĭs)
n. pl. a·phi·des (ā′fĭ-dēz′, ăf′ĭ-)
An aphid, especially one of the genus Aphis.

[New Latin Aphis, genus name.]


n, pl aphides (ˈeɪfɪˌdiːz)
1. (Animals) any of various aphids constituting the genus Aphis, such as the blackfly
2. (Animals) any other aphid
[C18: from New Latin (coined by Linnaeus for obscure reasons)]


(ˈeɪ fɪs, ˈæf ɪs)

n., pl. a•phi•des (ˈeɪ fɪˌdiz, ˈæf ɪ-)
an aphid, esp. of the genus Aphis.
[1765–75; < New Latin]
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Noun1.aphis - type genus of the Aphididae: injurious to fruit trees and vegetablesAphis - type genus of the Aphididae: injurious to fruit trees and vegetables
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
Aphididae, family Aphididae - small soft-bodied plant lice
Aphis pomi, apple aphid, green apple aphid - bright green aphid; feeds on and causes curling of apple leaves
Aphis fabae, bean aphid, blackfly - blackish aphid that infests e.g. beans and sugar beets


[ˈeɪfɪs] N (aphides (pl)) [ˈeɪfɪdiːz]áfido m
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Afterwards I allowed an ant to visit them, and it immediately seemed, by its eager way of running about, to be well aware what a rich flock it had discovered; it then began to play with its antennae on the abdomen first of one aphis and then of another; and each aphis, as soon as it felt the antennae, immediately lifted up its abdomen and excreted a limpid drop of sweet juice, which was eagerly devoured by the ant.
In fact, of the twenty rose-trees which formed the parterre, not one bore the mark of the slug, nor were there evidences anywhere of the clustering aphis which is so destructive to plants growing in a damp soil.
You don't know what it is to want spiritual tobacco--bad emendations of old texts, or small items about a variety of Aphis Brassicae, with the well-known signature of Philomicron, for the `Twaddler's Magazine;' or a learned treatise on the entomology of the Pentateuch, including all the insects not mentioned, but probably met with by the Israelites in their passage through the desert; with a monograph on the Ant, as treated by Solomon, showing the harmony of the Book of Proverbs with the results of modern research.
The biometrical measurements of Aphis nasturtii help to complete knowledge on external morphology of this species.
Address : Usda Aphis Ppq Alb320 Merrick Road, (Units 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7)Amityville, New York 11701 United States
In fact, APHIS proposed legislation in July 2016 that would allow the importation of U.
2011) reported Disaphis lappe and Aphis fabae damaging Silybum marianum, a medicinal weed crop in Iran and Greece.
The records, and immediate access to them as was previously possible via the APHIS website, are an invaluable resource to animal welfare groups, especially for tracking the activity of puppy mills-facilities that breed dogs for the express purpose of selling them and provide inhumane living conditions.
Working with APHIS laboratory director Anne-Marie Callcott and CMAVE entomologist Charles Strong, Valles used these antibodies to develop a portable, easy-to-use test kit that identifies red imported fire ants in 10 minutes.
Following a "clean" inspection, APHIS issues a report stating: "No noncompliant items identified during this inspection.
Key words: Biology, development period, Coccinella transversalis, Aphis nerii.
2011) hospedaron a una unica especie de afido, Aphis nerii (Boyer de Fonscolombe), especialista de Apocynaceae, y no perjudicial para plantas cultivadas.