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n. pl.1.(Med.) Roundish pearl-colored specks or flakes in the mouth, on the lips, etc., terminating in white sloughs. They are commonly characteristic of thrush.
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Behcet's disease (BD) was first described by the Turkish dermatologist Hulusi Behcet as a three- symptom complex comprising uveitis, oral aphthae, and genital ulcerations (I).
Behcet's disease, currently classified as a vasculitis, is a systemic inflammatory disorder first described in 1937 as a triple symptom complex of aphthae, genital ulcers, and hypopyon uveitis (6).
In the present case, when the patient stopped etanercept treatment, there were increases in the frequencies of oral aphthae and erythema nodosum related to BD together with the emergence of uveitis.
Surely my colleagues know that malaria is not a disease that has been conquered and relegated to antiquity like anasarca, aphthae or lues (those diseases still exist; the names are the only things that were jettisoned).
Rehmannia glutinosa is an important traditional herb in China and barefoot doctors of Henan province always apply local fresh herb in the therapy of aphthae and erosion from breast carcinoma.
Maternal signs and symptoms were fever (408 cases, 62%), arthralgia (615 cases, 93%), headache (354 cases, 54%), edema (355 cases, 54%), diarrhea (78 cases, 12%), aphthae (63 cases, 9.