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Those days of exploring new software games and colorful programs were really exciting, but the aplication of the computer in the classroom was the greatest thrill of all.
For most of its history, its aplication has been based on concepts that may have sounded good but lacked scientific backing, and the process went in and out of vogue.
Tenders are invited for Hand Drill Machine Double Insulated Pulley Ball Roller Bearing Mounted Fibre Glass Reinforced Polmide Bearing Suitable For Tonghest Aplication Supply Capable To Drilling Dia In Steel Suitable To Work At 110 Volt 50Hz Ac 10Mm In Alu,13Mm In Wood 25Mm Approx Input 400 Watt Approx Single Speed Type Weight 1.
uk LICENSING ACT 2003 APLICATION FOR GRANT OF A PREMISES LICENCE Applicant: Tasty plc, Address of Premises: Wildwood, Unit 3 Church Street, Clayton Square Shopping Centre, Liverpool L1 1QR.
Socialinos apsaugos reikalavime taikymo viesuosiuose pirkimuose rekomendacijos [Recomendations on Aplication of Social Requirements In Public Procurement] [online].
In experimental animal models have been also constituting an alternative aplication route in infected mice with Leishmania spp.
It's thought any application for leave to aplication for leave to appeal will be heard within the next three weeks.
That the (b) Laws of Nature with all the helps we have for their discovery, cannot be certainly and definitively (c) enumerated in their uttermost extent partly by reason of mixture of the Laws that are naturall, with (d) Laws that are positive, wither of God or Man partly (e) by reason of the prevalence of corrupt Education & Custom's among Men, partly, by reason of the great variety of Circumstances which Accompany moral actions which strangly diversify the aplication of the Generall Laws which we may suppose naturall whereby those that perchance subscribe to the same more universall (f) Laws of Nature, yet are contradictory in their Conclusions touching particular Morall Actions.
Decision theory with multiple criteria: an aplication of ELECTRE IV and TODIM to SEBRAE/RJ, Pesquisa Operacional 29(3): 577-590.
Lamel SA, Haldeman KM, Ely H, et al: Aplication of mobile teledermatology for skin cancer screening.